Well, now that is all over we can start to focus on the real issue at large.  Who is going to be the England manager that we all moan about in July 2018?  Apparently Big Sam is being interviewed this week, if he can tear himself away from Sunderland’s pre-season training camp.  Big Sam was interviewed for the job the time Steve Mc got it.  Surely the fact that he wasn’t considered better than Steve Mc is a clue to how he might do?  Actually, that is a little harsh because if the FA had had a working PowerPoint set up, the job may well have gone to Allardyce back then.  That said Sam, proceed with caution.  I have seen zero evidence that the FA have moved forwards at all since then, so it is a fair assumption that they are still unlikely to have such modern technology as PowerPoint to enable to you to wow them.  Does the thought of Big Sam furiously pressing his little clicker as he chews his way through a presentation make anyone else smile?

Talking of international managers, Chris Coleman has outlined his exit strategy for 2018.  An exit strategy?  One that is more than saying “we think we should leave!?”  One that has a clear strategy, you know, just in case it happens?  What a novel idea, hey Brexiters?  Yet more evidence that Wales are on the leading edge.

I can’t get enough of the international folk today.  Jogi Low has criticised the expanded format of Euro 2016, saying 24 teams reduced the quality of football.  Apparently too many teams came to defend and do nothing with the ball.  Not sure where the finger is pointing, but Nani and Ronaldo are sniggering.

It was great to see both Joe Allen and Aaron Ramsey make the ” UEFA Team of the Tournament.”  Surprisingly, there was no place for Gareth Bale though it is not too huge a statement to suggest that missing Ramsey was a bigger blow to Wales in their semi final than missing Bale would have been.  Allen is bound to capitilise on the honour, most probably with a move back to Swansea.

There was a touching moment between Fergie and Ronaldo after the Euro 2016 final.  No punchlines, this is genuine.  The way Fergie looked at Ronaldo after they embraced and the Portuguese winner walked away was the way I am sure every son wishes his father looks at him once in a while.  If anyone thinks the Manchester United great created that dynasty purely on fear, find that video and reassess your opinion.  Fergie looked healthier than he has done in years – so healthy in fact Scotland or England should be banging down his door and getting him to come out of retirement and sort their sorry messes out.  Not that he would ever manage England, sadly.

His old foe Arsene Wenger officially ruled out “ever ruling out managing England” in the perfect double negative.  That said, it was not ruled out in the same way Arsene refuses to rule out ever winning the Premier League again.

Bayern Munich prospect Pierre Hojbjerg is being lined up by new Southampton boss Claude Puel.  This news has made Liverpool fans very happy indeed, especially as King Klopp is a bit of a fan.

Has anyone heard from Bielsa?

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