Do you know the person seemingly least bothered about the Paul Pogba to United saga?  Paul Pogba himself.

The French midfielder has not let the long drawn affair stop him from enjoying his summer holiday in Las Vegas.  He may have torn himself away from the roulette wheel long enough to nod with fondness at Wayne Rooney regaling a tale of how a young Pogba battered a middle-aged Rooney in training a few years ago.  He will have certainly noticed the news informing us, and probably Bastian himself, that Schweinsteiger’s peg in the Carrington changing rooms is ear-marked for another.  Poor Schweiny.  He retires himself from international football to lengthen his club career at United, only to be told he no longer has a career at United.  Unless, of course, he counts the reserve team where he is more than welcome until someone is prepared to pick up his wages.

Apparently the Poch was “staggered” that Harry Kane was taking corners at Euro 2016.  Nice to see his command of the English language coming on.  Watching his England players in the tournament must have increased his vocabulary no end.  Words like staggered, amazed, incredulous and bamboozled will have been uttered repeatedly when watching England’s campaign.

David Moyes is getting all creative with his Sunderland shortlist.  Will Keane, Fellaini and Adnan Januzaj are all players Moyes would love to be reunited with having turned them into world beaters at United.  Whether they are so keen to be reunited with their former boss is another matter.  Moyes has also been talking about making Sunderland the new Everton.  That is not the most obvious way to endear himself to his new supporters, but hey.  Whatever works for you Moysey.

Arsene has been moving down his piece of paper slowly but surely.  It has gone so badly he seems to have some names on there twice, as the next striker he is said to be chasing is Inter’s Icardi.  Have we not been here already?  Icardi is the one with his wife as the agent, Arsene.  Don’t pretend you don’t know who we mean.  TFTTF believes it is all a ruse to have another meeting with her.  Gunners, don’t hold your breath.  It’s all going to be fine.  Walcott may be unable to score in an actual match, but he is superb at sticking the ball in the old wheely bin if you point enough cameras at him and shout “action!”

Ranieri believes Mahrez is “distracted” by all the talk of Arsenal.  I would have though the easiest thing to do is show Riyad the last week of this blog and he will soon understand that there is no chance Arsene will actually stump up the money for him.  Ranieri does have a contingency in place, hwoever.  Leicester are thought to have agreed a £7.5m deal to bring in Polish winger Kaputska.  So, if the Mahrez deal goes caput, Leicester won’t need to go Kaputska.  Yes, that actually happened.  It sounded better when I typed it.

Antonio Conte is certainly doing his best to look like a man who’s lack of European action is a cup half full situation.  Conte believes that not having Champions League commitments clogging up their midweek, Chelsea have a proper chance of winning the title.  Well, it did Leicester no harm I suppose.

Gianfranco Zola is the latest man to the favourite to lead Hull to relegation.

What do you reckon folks, will Wednesday be the day that sees Pogba and Sane rock up on opposite sides of Manchester?