A new dawn in the English game?  Do me a favour.  If you really want my thoughts on the game you could just go back to the column after the Iceland game and get the general gist of how I felt last night.  I’m very reluctant to write off the new man in charge after just 90 minutes, even if 30 of those minutes were against ten men, but I might be just about to.  Yes, I know we won but nobody is really convinced by that performance are they?  The one thing that might really go in Allardyce’s favour after that is that he might just be a lucky England manager, and we could really do with one of them.  Sadly though, we’ve seen a lot of that before and the goal will be used as the paper to cover over a multitude of cracks.  That was no different to a restaurant reopening with new owners after everyone stopped eating there as the food was crap.  Oh, and they reopened with the same chef.  Funnily enough, the food was still crap.

Sam said before the game, “I don’t need to tell Wayne Rooney where to play.”  Actually Sam, that might be a really good idea as I don’t really think it is tactically wise to see him floating around next to Eric Dier too often.  If he is going to have minimal impact, can we have him having minimal impact slightly nearer their goal?  I’d also like Sam to find a way of removing the concrete in Kane’s boots.  The Spurs striker as looked sluggish in each game this season, just like he did at Euro 2016, which is little wonder as he has played about 3,000 matches in three seasons.  You can often get a feel for a new manager by the substitutions he makes to change a game.  I’d just like to point out that Sam brought on Walcott and left Vardy, yeah you know the one that led Leicester to the Premier League title last season, on the bench.  Still, he has taught Lallana to actually hit the back of the net so progress is being made, right?

Listening to Sam you would think that Rooney was Cruyff, a one man total football machine.  You would also think that we were brilliant.  Believe it or not I like Allardyce, and he is carrying the can for a lot of the crap that has gone before him.  But I am not buying it, yet.

Best moment of the night?  Lee Dixon seeing the ball hit Sturridge for the Walcott goal for the first time and changing his opinion on the spot.  Quality.

Just a short post this morning folks, I do apologise.  I hate international weekends, bugger all humour to be found anywhere!  Normal service will return this afternoon so come back then!