Costa: I always knew I would score for Spain

Diego Costa said he always knew he would score for Spain, having netted twice against Liechenstein.  Always, Diego?  Always?  Even when you were a little boy growing up in Brazil?  Chelsea are still chasing free agent Martin Caceres?  They can’t be regretting buying David Luiz for a second time already, surely?

Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva claims the club has enough quality now for two starting XI’s.  Lucas, my dear boy.  I’ve seen your squad, and by that token all I can see is two teams crying out for someone who can play left back.  Klopp has revealed he refused he pay £10m for Leicester’s Ben Chilwell, the left back that is very highly rated but nobody has ever seen play.

A photo of John Terry meeting Alex Ferguson when he was a young boy has been doing the rounds today.  Terry that is, not Ferguson as that would be some kind of weird time travel thing and a far better story.  Terry credits Fergie with inspiring him to be a champion.  What would have happened if Terry had joined United?  Well, some of Ryan Giggs’s dramas could have taken a whole new twist I suppose.

A “study” claims that Eric Bailly was the most overpriced signing of the transfer window.  £32m was about £20m higher than his true market value, said “study” claims.  Really?  More overpriced than Sissoko, Bolasie and Benteke?  Time will tell, but the defender has settled in seamlessly at United and surely that is a better measure of value?  I know, I live in a freaky world where I like to see people perform well on the pitch to justify price tags and hype.  And to be fair to Bailly, he is performing so far.

Danny Rose would love to finish his career at Spurs.  That will be music to the ears of Spurs fans who must be sick of their better players always wanting to move on and player for bigger clubs.  Rose joined Spurs around the same time as Bale, and whereas Bale moved forwards up the pitch, Rose moved backwards going from left midfield to left back.  Bale now plays for Real Madrid and stars for Wales.  Rose has to play for England.  Could have been so different, hey?

I saw one headline today saying “Arsenal target to snub Gunners and sign new contract!”  I chose not to read it as I preferred playing a game of “Guess Who” about the player’s identity.  I figured, rightly or wrongly, that it was Neymar.

Slovakia defender Jan Durica has claimed England’s last minute win on Sunday night was “fixed.”  To be honest, that would be just like the FA.  Fix a game and need a last minute winner through the keeper’s legs to make sure it all went to plan.

Harry Kane has admitted his inability to take corner kicks became a source of amusement for his team mates during Euro 2016.  As ever, nice to see they got their priorities right.  His team mates inability to get him the ball in the right areas to score goals should have been a higher concern.  Equally Kane’s inability to take the few chances that did come his way could have been questioned.  But no, let’s have a giggle at the daft old manager that thinks Harry should take corners.  Let’s use this as today’s example of why we should all give up on the England team, shall we?  Actually no, this is worse.  Big Sam is sticking to his “Wayne can play where he wants” narrative.  Apparently it is similar to what Coleman allows Bale to do for Wales.  The main difference being, one is Gareth Bale and one is Wayne Rooney.  Roll on 2018 when he retires to focus on being a liability for United.