It’s the international break, this is supposed to be my week of rest. Sure we have to watch all the games but as least I get to sit peacefully on Klopp’s nose in the warm. It started quite well, he got very excited about Daniel Sturridge scoring, I think he said something in a telephone conversation about how that will put another ten million on his price, I can’t be to certain I don’t have much to do with telephone conversations. All I do know is that despite being a great player Sturridge gets injured more than I do. Anyway the Brazilian boys all did well and I was enjoying my rest until England played Spain and Adam Lallana went off injured, nice lad and easy on the eye but oh my did Klopp wobble his head. I once again went flying, I don’t know what his injury is but mine is a broken side bar and I will need sellotape for a week. If only we could fix the players with a bit of sellotape Sturridge would be worth millions more. Roll on Southampton, a bit of sea air will do me good.

Klopps Glasses.