So, let’s get this straight.  Rooney gets caught having a few beers at a wedding having been given the night off and he is forced to apologise to the world.  Hendo and Lallana go to a strip club having been given the night off, are not caught and plastered over the front page of the S*n and don’t have to say they are very, very sorry.  Seems about right.  The English FA ladies and gentleman, never knowingly consistent.

David Luiz has refused to get too carried away with Chelsea’s recent good form and their run of clean sheets saying “to be fair, have you seen me play?  There must be a mistake just around the corner!”

That Chelsea development team needs some developing.  Just the 241 international caps amongst the U23 side at Cobham yesterday, as they beat Southampton 3-2.  Fabregas, Batshuyai, Terry and Zouma all got a run out in one of the biggest nods to the reason why Chelsea rarely progress any of their home grown talent.

According to Tony Pulis, Jurgen Klopp isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.  He was referencing how he and Sean Dyche are considered somewhat “unsexy” compared to the German heart-throb.  Pulis would have just looked like a silly Welshman in a cap if his WBA side hadn’t gone on to batter Burnley last night.  Maybe Dyche isn’t quite ready for the England job yet after all.

Callum Chambers is getting a lot of stick from Arsenal fans having seemingly asked Diego Costa for his shirt after Middlesboro’s 1-0 defeat to Chelsea.  Seriously, having got away with it at Old Trafford, you would have thought Arsenal fans have bigger things to be worrying about this week.  Like whether they’ve managed to rescue Ozil from the big hole he must have fallen in at kick off on Saturday.

In better news for Arsenal fans Hector Bellerin has finally been forced into signing a contract extension with Arsenal.  Six and a half years you say?  That long so it forces Barcelona or Manchester City to pay crazy money for a right back you say?

Danny Drinkwater is likely to pick up at least a three match ban for appearing to elbow Behrami in the face during Leicester’s loss at Watford.  Well, he won’t be that bothered as it’s only the Premier League he is missing.  It’ll keep him fresh for the Champions League matches.  Most of Leicester’s squad are now working out how they too can miss out on Premier League matches until their European adventure is over.  Keep losing guys, that would be my suggestion.

Gareth Southgate was pictured smiling leaving his interview for the England job.  That means either Graeme Le Saux was cracking the jokes or Southgate has dodged the bullet and been told he can go back to coaching the U21 side.

With the news that Jurgen Klinsmann had been sacked by the USA, Swansea fans were thought to be doing their very best to convince Bob Bradley that he’d be much happier facing winter in California or somewhere like that rather than in Swansea.  They’re right, it does get cold in Swansea Bob.  Especially when nobody is talking to you because you haven’t won a game yet.