Liverpool Versus Sunderland

To say that Sunderland were defensive would be an understatement. At one point during the game the referee had to confiscate spade’s from Sunderland players because they were trying to dig a moat.

Sunderland had only 22% possession, 2% per player and bare in mind their striker took centre three times. Rather than park the bus they built a bus station, destination nowhere. We finally made the breakthrough when Origi bought a train ticket and got on the wrong bus, by that I mean he tried to cross the ball and it went in. Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t matter how they go in and then the joker in the pack James Milner scored a penalty. He’s such a hoot is Milner, always playing practical jokes, he did one the other day where he turned up two minutes late for training, oh how we laughed.

Winning came at a price though with little Phil Coutinho going off injured, he is now locked in Klopp’s cellar wrapped in cotton wool. Klopp was very controlled with the goals so I had no accidents this week, although I had a little nose wobble when he tried to get the crowd going. Another jolly to the sea side next in the league with a trip to Bournemouth but first EFL Cup game with Leeds. We are off out to buy more cotton wool we are going to need it.

Klopp’s Glasses