West Ham United

by Jay Whittle
West Ham are clearly troubled on the pitch after a horrendous start to the season and an embarrassing exit from the cup.

It’s obvious they need signings, and Karen Brady wanted to go bargain hunting. West Ham offered only £6m to sign Sunderland FC’s squad. Sorry my mistake, they offered £6m for Jermain Defoe.

The very next day West Ham continued with their bargain hunting, offering £3m for Robert Snodgrass who has been a stand out performer for Hull City this season. £3m, though, is insulting especially in this day and age of really bad players going for lots of money. I mean, I’ve seen players who haven’t played at a higher level than League One go for more than £3m.

If that’s the case, I think someone should offer £500k for Dimitri Payet to see how they like it. £500k seems around fair for a regular French international and a key performer for West Ham for the past season. Oh, do you not think so? Well using the theory of West Ham, I believe that is the case.

With those two offers, it seems like West Ham have used a time machine to go back to the 2006 transfer window.

It kind of feels as though the West Ham board have mistaken the real world for FIFA career mode by putting in ridiculous offers. On FIFA, you may be able to pick up bargains like Rashford for £10m, and it may be acceptable to give Sunderland £6m for Defoe, but sorry Karen, it’s not FIFA it is the real world. And to be fair, I don’t even think Sunderland on FIFA will accept £6m. It’s the exact same predicament for Snodgrass too. You can’t blame the bunch of chancers that are the West Ham board of directors for attempting cheap deal but there’s a line. It’s probably similar to trying to buy a house with a packet of Skittles and Monopoly money.

West Ham even sold James Tomkins for £12m. James Tomkins for £12m! Twelve million actual pounds for James Tomkins who is probably no greater than your average Premiership centre back. And then they try buying two quality players in Defoe and Snodgrass for a combined £8M, the cheek is ridiculous.

Well Kazza, it was an ambitious attempt but you may need to put some more money into those transfers as in this window £6m will only get you an average Championship player, yet alone a proven Premiership experienced goal scorer. £3m won’t even get you an average Championship player, yet alone Robert Snodgrass. Come on West Ham, end your bargain hunting and put in proper offers.