If you have ever been considering a holiday to Devon it can work out a bit expensive. Holiday parks will charge a fortune for some less than premiere entertainment, whilst hotels are driving prices higher and higher as interest in Cornwall’s more developed cousin increases.

However Liverpool have found a cheat to that. Apparently, last year’s visit was such a delight that Jurgen Klopp insisted on coming back this year and what better way to do so than with a game of football so bland Gordon Ramsay would be screaming for seasoning or lamb sauce.

One can only assume that was what was going through the mind of the Liverpool boss. In what seemed like a terrible football related remake of School of Rock, Jurgen Klopp played the Geography teacher who wanted to seem cool to the class of children. Unfortunately for Liverpool fans Jurgen makes a much better football manager than he does babysitter.

Undoubtedly in a repeat of last year, Jurgen will reintroduce the big names into the squad for the replay, but Argyle fans will be as hopeful as they are toothless when it comes to the match at Plymouth. Either way this replay will be a huge moneymaker for them, as the big two TV stations will be battling it out for the rights.

West Ham have ended up with egg on their face after a 5-0 thrashing from Man City, as a result of having less strike force than a Buddhist military they are now in the market for another striker. After suffering worse flops than a poker player with no eyes in the summer, West Ham are looking to play it safe with their pursuit of Jermain Defoe. The England veteran could provide them with some much-needed goal power, Defoe is considered one of the strongest strikers in the whole of the Premier League and he must be strong since he’s been carrying Sunderland since the day he got there.

West Ham have had the first bid rejected, as Sunderland realise that without him they have as much chance of staying in the Premier League as we have for a Jackson 5 reunion. West Ham have also had a bid rejected for Brentford striker Scott Hogan, who apparently is no relation to Hulk. This would be a much riskier option as although he’s banging them in at Championship level, the jump to Premier League may see West Ham wasting yet more money on striker who won’t score for them.

Carl Jenkinson of Arsenal has become the Bridget Jones of the Premier League, attracting a number of clubs as he finds himself out of favour at the Emirates this season. Although he is a bit more of a northern “Del Boy” than he is Hugh Grant it looks like Sam Allardyce is the favourite to secure his signature for Crystal Palace.

But with all of January to go, when it comes to transfers, and the FA Cup, anything could happen, so stay tuned to Tales From The Top Flight