Premier League Roundup

Tell you what, Carlton is going to have to knock it one hell of a long way for Graham Taylor to see it now. Allow to me step down from the tongue-in-cheek momentarily. Graham Taylor was doing high tempo, pressing football way before any of our continental friends brought it to the Premier League. He took a team from Division Four to runners up in Division One in six seasons, spending £790k. He, wrongly, will be remembered for, annoyingly, a compelling documentary on Channel 4, failing to qualify for USA 94 and subbing off Gary Lineker in what turned out to be his final England appearance. This does not do credit to one of the finest managers the English game has seen. And as for the S*n saying nice things about him today after how they hounded him in and around 1993? Well, I have no words. Actually I do, and to quote Graham Taylor himself, “do I not like that.” Phil Neal was asked to comment on Taylor’s sad passing and was only just able to mumble the words, “yes boss.”

Anyway, moving on. Fellaini has got himself a new deal at United. He has got some serious dirt on Jose, hasn’t he? I dread to think what it is. The big Belgian will “grace” the Old Trafford a little longer.

Jurgen Klopp has admitted to being baffled by Liverpool’s performance in their 1-0 first leg loss to Southampton. I find it hard to criticise King Klopp, but when you are asking Daniel Sturridge to run around the pitch with a piece of paper giving the team instructions, I would suggest it is a day to forget.

Dimitri Payet is home sick, or so he says. He wants to return to Marseille where he can be close to the Mediterranean. You won’t find me disagreeing with that sentiment Dimitri. The Med or the Thames, decisions decisions. Slaven Bilic adopted the persona of a Dad who had just been told to do one by his son for the very first time, an abject picture of hurt, rage and emotion. Come on Slaven, he just wants to go and play with his mates again because he has realised that all the money in the world isn’t enough to play in that god forsaken arena you are trying to pass off as a football ground.

Here’s one for the purists among you. Morgan Schneiderlin has officially moved to Everton for around £20m. No, that isn’t the bit I am interested in. The central midfielder will wear the number two shirt. Yeah, the number two shirt. Shocking. Tom Cleverley is so disgusted he has legged it to Watford on loan.

Arsene clearly got all jealous of United announcing Fellaini’s new deal so tripled the stakes by telling the world Giroud, Koscielny and Coquelin had all agreed new deals. Funnily enough Arsene, these aren’t the ones the fans are most interested in. Any news on Mesut and Alexis?