Swansea City

After Bob Bradley was sacked by Swansea back in December 2016 the owners felt that the club needed a much needed change of approach, especially if they had any hopes of staying up come the end of the season.

That led them to the appointment of Paul Clement, a man who has been an assistant to Carlo Ancelotti at both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. With that you would imagine that this is someone who would bring some progressive tactics to the club.

After seeing the way they performed on Saturday in their encounter with Arsenal at The Liberty Stadium, I think Clement may well have cracked the secret in regards to beating the dreaded drop to The Championship.

Many will ask themselves why this has never been considered before but when you think about it, it does make a huge amount of sense and that’s because Swansea are now going to score Own Goals in a bid for them count as goals of their own.

This incredible plan has been worked on the training ground over the last few days by Clement and his new Swansea charges but it was only on Saturday afternoon that we saw it truly come to light and it must be said with great success.

That’s because Swansea managed to bag a 2-2 draw at home to The Gunners thanks to two well worked Own Goals firstly from Jack Cork and one that had obviously been rehearsed previously by Kyle Naughton.

Not only does it mean Swansea have earned a crucial point in their bid for survival but it also means they can save millions of pounds in the January transfer window due to the fact that this tactic renders purchasing a new striker almost pointless.

Pundits will argue whether or not this is in the spirit of the game and the concern now will be that opposition sides will now deploy copycat tactics, we will now see games played out with the intention of scoring the most goals past their own keeper.

At the end of the day no-one wants to see that, but credit must go to Clement for taking full advantage of this loophole and should Swansea stay up then the appointment of the former Derby County boss will have been proved to have been a very shrewd move.

Clement will be hailed as a genius after his side dug in and earned a share of the points today but then again it just highlights how out of touch Bob Bradley was after his decision to play a Wide Receiver away at Middlesbrough earlier in the season.

But when you are at the bottom of the table you will do absolutely whatever it takes to get out of the bottom three and Swansea may well have just pulled off the biggest masterstroke of them all.