Premier League Roundup

Diego won’t be allowed out to play with his friends unless he improves his attitude. That is the direct line from Antonio Conte and he, trust me, is not a man you mess with. Costa has indicated “willingness” not to end his career five years early by moving to China, but Antonio would like him to indicate some “willingness” towards apologising to his team-mates and taking their bid to win the Premier League slightly more seriously.


Reports suggest that Gerard Pique might be done with getting abuse in Spain for being from Barcelona and therefore, by default, Catalonia. And if you are not going to play football in Barcelona, where is the obvious destination? No, not China, though I am sure they are asking Jorge Mendes if he can do anything. Pique, or at the very least his missus is, eyeing up a move to London and that, of course, means Arsenal are being linked with him. Is he going to the Emirates? Is he hell, there is as much chance of that happening as a swap deal with the Hammers for Payet.


Just when Forest fans thought their precious old club could not become more laughable, Ryan Giggs got linked to their vacancy. That’s right. If there was ever a club in need of experienced, clear leadership it was Forest. So it makes perfect sense that Giggs is on the shortlist. Mind you, he won’t get it as Ryan does seem to fall at the final hurdle rather often.


Who remembers Patrick Bamford? Yes, the forefather of the likes of Tammy Abraham has been out on loan from Chelsea, shockingly, yet has failed to ever score a Premier League goal in spells with Palace and Burnley. Middlesboro are not a Premier League side who put great value on scoring goals, so he is a perfect fit for Karanka. Anything between £5m and £10m is being quoted, which is hilarious.


When I was a kid, I used to moan about the profile in every single match programme claiming that the home team goalkeeper was a good shot stopper. I am therefore presuming that this claim has been officially removed from the Manchester City programme? Claudio Bravo has, apparently, faced 16 shots and let in 27 goals recently, if you believe the data boys.


Finally this morning, Jack Rodwell has now started 35 games for Sunderland and lost every single one of them. This is a lad who was once touted as Rio Ferdinand’s natural replacement. One day in the future I am going to put together a team that features English players that made a big money move to Manchester City, only to see their career go completely arse over tit shortly after. Fabian Delph anyone?