Snoddy dog looks to make his Iron mark!

West Ham United

Hull are doomed. No they really are doomed. The only decent player they had has left the Humber Bridge for London Town and the glistening sights (if not complete samples) of that culture heartbeat of our nation’s Capital called the Olympic Stadium. Who can blame him, it’s marginally sunnier in the East End than in Hull.

With a very cheesy Twitter revealing of the Scotsman, this is a massive indication of how much of a big deal this transfer is for both Hull and West Ham in terms of the relegation battle. With Payet having a sulk over the fact the club and fans think he is a greedy bastard for moving to a league which throws more money around than the UK Government and the legal fees they are paying in order to pay a bunch of lawyers to stop Brexit from happening, the timing of this transfer is crucial.

Snodgrass had played for two relegated sides in his Premier League career and so his talent had not really been noticed as well as it should. This season is an exception to the rule as Hull are so bad he is literally carrying the whole club at the moment. Hull’s injury crisis, the owner being a bit nutty and also the fact that they are Hull have contributed to their poor from this season.

This is a key moment in the career of this player as he hasn’t proved he can do it at a big club as of yet. He did play for a very big club in Leeds United but they were playing in League One against teams like Bristol Rovers and Crewe every week. You can’t really show your true form in that kind of league, the fact he played for Leeds already put him in everyone’s bad books because quite simply, if you play for Leeds you have to be an arrogant shit. It’s probably written in the contracts at Elland Road.

With Payet no longer needed, it’s time for the Snodman to shine on a slightly bigger stage than before. I write this article with gritted teeth as he always seems to play well against the Swans. In the last few years and has either scored or set up the winner. Hull fans will be having the same feeling when they go down and West Ham fans will be singing, “We’ve Got Snoddy, Robert Snoddy, I just don’t think you understand! He’s the Haggis loving man, and loves a bit of spam! We’ve got Robert Snoddy!” You laugh but it will happen.