Transfer News

So as you are most probably aware (Sky don’t exactly hesitate to remind us) Deadline Day is coming. A day in which the spending of millions of pounds on people who can kick a football good is celebrated. Thankfully for us Sky are on hand to bring in the updates as teams scramble to bring in players they don’t really need. So if you’re the kind of person who likes watching a middle-aged Scottish man get excited over breaking transfer developments for hours on end then this Ultimate Deadline Day Guide is for YOU!

What you’ll need;

TV with Sky Sports News on. You won’t need to worry about other channels for 24 hours.

Comfy recliner. Pillow is optional but if you’re going to stay awake (and interested) till the bitter end it’s recommended.

Alcoholic beverage(s). You’ll need these to get you through the night. But drink responsibly; you don’t want to be throwing up at 11:15 while listening to Jim White.

Food. An assortment of snacks is recommended. You’ll need them next to you though. You don’t want to be getting up from your chair even if only for a minute. You could miss a transfer!

What to expect;

Jim White saying “This just in!” “Hold on to your hats!” “Before the window slams shut!” “Shockaroony!”

A reporter stood outside Loftus Road at 11 o’clock in the middle of winter. Shivering.

Football Manager stats being used to rate a player from the Ukrainian league.

Harry Redknapp. He doesn’t even manage a team anymore but he’ll still manage to pop up somehow.

The huge touch screen being used with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Transfer Deadline Day Bingo!

You’ll need something to keep you entertained so as you watch Deadline Day look out for these things and tick them off as you see them!

A reporter saying “A short-term loan with option to buy.”

A player turning up to a training ground in his Range Rover and sticking his head out the window.

Football Manager stats being used to rate a player.

A reporter staring at the camera awkwardly for 5 or more seconds before the camera cuts back to the studio.

A transfer request being handed in.

A League 2 club who’d held on to their star player all January finally giving in and letting the star player leave to go to a mid-table Championship club.

A bizarre loan deal that makes absolutely no sense.

A tense period in which Sky don’t know what to do cause nothing of interest is happening.

A frantic period where Jim White only gets a word in in between frantic cutaways to the reporters outside trading grounds.

Jim White casually talking you on a tour of the studio like it’s his home.

So there’s your guide. If you are planning to watch Deadline Day then I hope you enjoy it and that your club doesn’t sell it’s best players.

And if you are going to be playing Deadline Day Bingo; send in a photo of you with this article open on your laptop/tablet/phone with Sky Deadline Day coverage on in the background to @TalesFromTTF on Twitter!