Hull City the new Aston Villa, surely not?

Hull City

Will Hull City go down the same road as poor old Aston Villa? The two clubs never really did have much in common, but perhaps their transfer activity is something that can unfortunately link the two.

As we all know Aston Villa were, to put it nicely, absolutely awful in last season’s Premier League campaign. They finished with a mere three wins, and conceded an incredible 76 goals.

Thankfully Hull City are doing a slightly better job this year, however if things continue as they are, it really doesn’t look good for the lads from the north. Also, rather worryingly, they have already shipped 47 goals… the second lowest of all 20 teams…oh dear.

They do though seem to be falling into the same trap as Villa did back then, and that was making the mistake of selling their best players. Many people pointed the blame at the back four in claret in blue, but what about the fact that they sold the likes of Christian Benteke and Fabian Delph at the start of the season?

Now, many may look at the careers of those two legends since then and laugh, but they really were successful characters and fan-favourites around Villa Park back in the day.

On to Hull then, who have already sold their midfield maestro Jake Livermore, and have just recently finally let go of Robert Snodgrass, easily the club’s biggest baller.

It’s hard to compare Livermore and Snodgrass to Benteke and Delph, and they may well go on to have very successful careers elsewhere, but it’s obvious that both players had similarly positive impacts at the club.

They are of course getting top money like Villa got for their stars, but then look how drastically they fell immediately after. Perhaps Hull have replacements readily available, or perhaps they’re just off their rockets and are selling their best players for a laugh, who knows?

My theory is that well-liked Chairman Assem Allam is finally getting his own back on the fans that hate him so much. He’s going to sell all their best players, get the club relegated and finally rename them to Hull City Tigers just for one last hoorah.

Let’s just hope Hull don’t waste that money that they need to spend more wisely than ever. I mean, we seriously can’t afford another £7m Rudy Gestede-esque signing, we really can’t. We’ve already got a potential troublemaker in Lazar Markovic with his loan arrival, who at 22 has already shown signs of a Joe Cole tribute career. Let’s not forget wee Joe was floating about Villa during that utterly shameful time, and so the Villains and the Tigers may be much more similar than one may think…