Transfer News

As you can tell by the title of this article I hate deadline day, one of the reasons is that my club tend to not do any business on this day and so the excitement for me is nothing short of invisible.

There was the exception of this year however with Neil Taylor, who has been awful this season, going to Aston Villa with a poor man’s Andre Ayew in the form of his brother Jordan coming to the Swans. The only flaw being: Ayew is still at the AFCON with Ghana, great insight there Swansea!

Anyway, reason number one why I hate deadline day is because of the over the top American style reporting. The stupid board which supposedly knows where each player is going really pisses me off, it’s just speculation from ‘sources’. That’s code for made up by the way, I know Sky have a lot of reporters but half of what they get given must be complete rubbish as they are forced to make things up to fill a gap. The only reliable source they have is Brown Sauce and Red Sauce and even that’s pushing it!

The only thing I did like about Deadline Day is the reporters standing outside training centres or football grounds getting shouted at or abused by the great British public. My highlight one year was one reporter appearing to have a sex toy shoved in his ear live on air, I bet that was worth the three years at Uni!

But the second and crucial reason is the yellow clothing thing that has appeared in the last few years, I mean what the hell is that all about. “Look how yellow we are we must be so funny to look at!” It’s more like look how desperate Sky are for ratings that they force the presenters to all dress in the same colour as the ticket tape. Not only that, they must also parade one of their very attractive female presenters in skin tight yellow dresses which no intelligent group of women would choose to wear as it makes them look like giant bananas!

It’s here to stay I know but I will still hate this CNN style bullshit reporting for the forseeable future. I also can’t look at bananas the same way again for a while!