Stoke City

On Wednesday the 1st of February, history was made. In that quiet little corner of England called Stoke, a tall odd looking bloke scored his 100th goal in professional football and put his name forward as possible one of the greatest sporting icons in British history (not really).

His name is Crouch, Peter Crouch. The man you cannot fail to like, despite the fact that if he wasn’t a footballer there was no way he would get Abbey Clancy. Anyone would have him in their team, maybe not all the time but for the majority of the season at least! Big Pete has played everywhere from Liverpool to North London, Portsmouth to Birmingham. He’s a well-travelled guy!

I was looking to aim for the lanky wonder of the world to come down to Wales at some point. Such was Swansea plight earlier this month I was considering setting up a petition on in order to raise enough money for the club to buy Crouch. Yes, I was that desperate for some decent strikers at the time but no more with big Fernando knocking them in now. If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t think we would have covered enough to pay Crouch’s wages for a day let alone a season!

A cult hero, Big Pete celebrated his century by doing the most famous, and quite obviously the only dance he knows, the robot. One man has ruined that classic 80’s signature break-dance move forever. With strange dancing and great goals, Crouch has shown all kids out there, particularly the very strange looking, lanky, skinny lads that one day you could sign for Liverpool and marry a supermodel.

The only thing is you might have to be is decent at football, otherwise you might get a bit stuck there! I would like to say to Peter well done and onto the next one hundred. The problem being it’s taken all his career get to that figure so it would be a bit unfair to set those standards!

Well done Pete you deserve it as you’ve always had good feet for a big lad.