Abeybayor, a name which is almost as bad as a swear word across the North London/Manchester and South London landscape. A man who isn’t exactly known for his loyalty, it’s safe to say the man from Togo doesn’t have a great deal of friends at the moment following his very bad form and moral stance towards the clubs he has played for. So much is his lack of chums, he couldn’t get a club to sign him last summer. After his hilarious spell at Crystal Palace last year which saw him put more effort into eating muffins than working on his technique in front of goal, he has now managed to find himself a club which is a clear example of how far he has fallen.

Who is this super club that Ade has signed for you ask, AC Milan? Have Arsenal got him back? Manchester City? Real Madrid? None of these my friends, none of these. The European super club that has got the best striker on the planet, and by planet I mean Togo, is Istanbul Basaksehir! Who the hell are they you ask? Complete nobody’s, that’s who they are! But, the way Adebayor keeps bouncing back who knows where this might lead? Personally, I would put a wager on football from UEFA Champions League to the English Premier League being played by Emmanuel in the next two seasons. I really would, I mean – he has golden genes don’t forget.

For an undisclosed fee and an 18-month contract, they clearly are not confident in a long term thing, the “second best team” in Turkey have got themselves a bargain. They only have to pay a tenth of what Man City are still owning in wages, far better than Spurs and Palace are required to pay Ade. Quality business there!

The director of the club said of Adebayor that, “he was one of the players on our transfer short list.” How short was that short list? Talk about lack of ambition.

If you follow Adebayor on Facebook, you will discover a bizarre set of rants on his family and accusing people are stealing money from him. The president of the team he has just signed for will no doubt have a similar break down come the end of the season when he sees what he’s spent his hard earned money on.

No doubt he will probably leave that club at the end of the season, I don’t think they have enough local muffin shops in case he doesn’t feel like training and wants to wander off for a bit, wasted talent does not even cover it!