Todays Tales

Stick with me folks, for I am afraid I do not have a great deal to give you today. Slim pickings on the old top flight news you see.

You know I am scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel when I lead with Robbie Keane. Even Ireland don’t lead with Robbie anymore, they think Jon Walters is a better option but I do not have the luxury of a Jon Walters gag up my sleeve. Apparently Robbie is on the verge of signing for the club he supported as a boy, Al-Ahli. Yep, that’s all I have got on that one.

Antonio Conte has revealed the secret behind his success at Chelsea this season. He has “blind faith” in his methods and uses his assistant as a punchbag. I guess the difference is that his methods, in which he has “blind faith,” are the right methods to win the Premier League as there are at least two other managers, residing in Manchester, who also have unwavering confidence in their beliefs and will not be winning the Premier League. Mind you, at least one of them looks like they’d like to batter their assistant from time to time, hey Jose?

Sergio Aguero has intimated he is not interested in playing second fiddle to Gabriel Jesus meaning his last supper might be on the way. Aguero could well end up being cast as Judas at this rate, one of the less reliable disciples. Seriously, I reckon it’s going to be the end of the season before we run out of Jesus themed lines. Somewhat boringly, City are not that interested in selling Aguero, though whether that is the people in charge or Pep that are not interested in selling remains to be seen.

Gary Neville has said he would happily go on Arsenal Fan TV to explain his thoughts on the guy with a banner during the Chelsea game. If proper football folk are happy to come and explain themselves every time a fan based outlet has a pop then it might be time for me to dust off the Tales YouTube channel and send out some invites.

Finally, Big Sam is very angry. Very angry indeed in fact. So angry that he cancelled his large English at the local Wetherspoons on Monday and ordered his players in for a 7am training session. Big Sam means business, that is clear to see.

See, I told you I had nothing.