Today’s Tales: Show him on to his right for crying out loud!

Todays Tales

Ho hum. Is it just me or are the build ups to FA Cup weekends becoming as dull as international weeks? I mean, even Sutton and Arsenal is struggling to grab my attention, mainly as I think Sutton have a chance or are going to get absolutely smashed to bits by a hungry Arsenal side embarrassed by their show in Munich. Actually yeah, it’s more likely to be the first one, isn’t it?

Putting the fact I actually felt sorry for Wenger to one side, wow. Where do we start? I know Wenger has his tactical critics, but I am quietly confident he would have suggested to Gibbs, Iwobi et al that when Robben gets the ball he IS PROBABLY GOING TO DO WHAT HE HAS DONE ALL HIS EFFING CAREER! Yes, drop the should and get it on his left foot. Ring any bells, anyone? Are Arsenal honestly that bad now that they crumble into smithereens when Laurent Koscielny goes off injured? I mean, he is hardly Tony Adams now, is he? Actually, he is barely Colin Pates.

It all got so much for Alexis that he has buggered off to the USA, I think, for a short break. A short break, no doubt, where he will instruct his agent to get him on the first plane out of London the minute the transfer window opens. But Alexis is hardly blameless, that original penalty was hardly ice cold.

Arsenal fans have been trying to flog their tickets for the return leg, which tells me they are not that confident of a comeback. As for Wenger, the two year deal is thought to still be on the table but everyone is going to sit down over a nice cup of tea at the end of the season and decide what the right course of action is going to be.

Speaking of people trying to make a fast buck and get out of England, Mark Clattenburg’s time in the Premier League is over. He’s off to Saudi Arabia to make a fortune telling people how to referee. I know, ironic right? Mind you, they have pretty strict laws over there if you are caught making “honest” mistakes so if Clatts does find himself out on the pitch with a whistle at any point he might want to make sure he gets a few decisions right otherwise he might be a hand down come the World Cup.

Spurs really hate European football.