P-Ross P-Reviews the P-Remier League

P-ross P-reviews

Saturday 25th February 2017

Chelsea vs Swansea 3pm

With Chelsea not having to bother with European football this season and running away with the league it begs the question, why bother qualifying when you can win the league? Sadly, that theory is blown out of the water, as we would have a Watford, Palace and Swansea battle for Champions League places.

Paul Clement’s arrival has seen a few good performances but if they get anything out of this then it should be pies all round. Also, sell Sigurdsson to Tottenham. Please.

SCORE – 3-1

Crystal Palace vs Middlesbrough 3pm

Big Sam vs Big boring. Allardyce has one win since joining the Eagles. You feel any other manager would have gone by now, poor Bob Bradley for example, yet those at Selhurst Park cling on to the hope he will get them out of trouble.

Boro’ scored three in a game last weekend. I doubt many of their players will manage to be mentally ready for this game. I mean, three inside 90 minutes. Crazy stuff guys.

SCORE – 1-0

Everton vs Sunderland

The Toffeemen’s recent upturn in form has seen them hit the top of the league. Well, the top if you take all the better clubs out of it. Koeman will hope for Barcelona to upturn their own game as he has been recently linked with the job. Yes they have Messi, yes, they have Neymar but if you lose one game you’re hung out to dry.

Sunderland are bottom yes, but a win against Moyes’ old club could see them go 16th as long as everyone above them loses. Defoe aside it’s almost impossible to work out how Sunderland score. Maybe try Mannone up front?

SCORE – 4-2

Hull City vs Burnley

This is the hardest game to call, mainly because I don’t care. My wrong attitude aside, Burnley will be sulking after what Lincoln did to them last weekend, score. But I like Dyche and sadly the poor bloke, along with Eddie Howe, will forever be linked with the England job as they seem to be the only contenders.

Hull, on the other hand, have a manager who will never get the England job. But after playing Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United in their last 3 games maybe they will relax and be caught napping, footballers just sleeping on the pitch.

SCORE – 0-0

Southampton vs Arsenal P-P

Wimps, they would have played this 40 years ago.

West Brom vs Bournemouth

I don’t like Tony Pulis. He just seems angry with the world this season. And he still stands up during press conferences. I bet he is a hoot during Christmas dinner, standing at the side of the table complaining the potatoes are way too close to the carrots.

On the other side, we have the angelic like Eddie Howe. I felt they should have got something out of the Man City game. And with nearly two weeks rest I want, sorry I think, they should win.


Watford vs West Ham United

Somehow, without anyone realising, both teams are mid-table. Wasn’t it only a month ago, that both managers were going to be sacked? Funny old game, football. Watford still have players I’ve barely heard of so it’s quite hard to guess what they will do. West Ham, on the other hand, have some players we all know. Noble, Carroll and Antonio are players that probably won’t ever play for England again but still like the thought of being ‘Olympic Champions’ every time they win at home.

SCORE – 1-1

Sunday 26th February

Tottenham vs Stoke

I never wanted to win the Europa League anyway. Smelly trophy. Dele should be sent to the FA and watch the video of that ‘tackle’ over and over again until he learns. I fully expect Stoke to win. They are currently the better side with better players and a better badge. Crouch will Robot his way through our defence. Oh Spurs why do you do this to me?

SCORE – 1-3

Man City vs Man United

They have big enough squads to play this game. Pampered footballers.

Monday 27th February

Leicester vs Liverpool

I had to re-write this. I swear Leicester City is out to just annoy me. Poor Claudio. Let down by players who had one to many 0’s in their weekly pay packet. They should have a clause in their contracts that says ‘if we have to sack the manager your pay gets halved’. You watch them run about more then. Liverpool have been on warm weather training. This is something I’ve never understood. You get whole squads popping off for 4-5 days just to come back to gloomy, wet and cold Britain. If Mane’s hamstrings go, blame this.

SCORE – 0-5