Is there any loyalty left in football?

I’ve recently found myself questioning the integrity of 3 different football teams, those being, Arsenal, Manchester United and Leicester City.

Let’s start with Arsenal. My gripe is with some of their fans also known as ‘The Wenger Out Brigade.’

I get that Arsenal have massively underachieved in recent years, most notably the lack of a league title since the 2003/2004 season. I get that the fans feel frustrated at the fact that the wheels always seem to fall off at the same point in a season. But what I don’t get is this constant call for Wenger to be sacked midway through this season. Arsene Wenger deserves better than that in my opinion and I find it very uncomfortable to watch fans on the Arsenal fan TV, Youtube channel, hammer a manager who has done so much for them over such a long period of time.

Second team, Manchester United. And as this is the team I support, I hope this isn’t at all true. I’ve read numerous reports that Wayne Rooney could be flogged to China before their transfer window closes on Tuesday. Wayne Rooney! The all-time, club leading goal scorer, the captain, the man who has been a talisman for so long at United, MIGHT be sold on the quiet? When Wayne Rooney does leave, I fully hope it is done in the right manner, with mutual agreement and with the chance for Wazza to receive the ovation that he will be owed from the United faithful.

Last but not least, Leicester City. The Premier League champions, currently hovering dangerously above the relegation places in the league but still pretty much alive and well in the Champions League. Let’s not for a second pretend that Leicester are now one of the world’s elite. Let’s remember that Leicester City endured a fairy-tale season created by the man that is named, Claudio Ranieri.

On Thursday night, Claudio Ranieri was been sacked and just typing that makes my stomach churn. As spoken about earlier, Arsenal have gone well over 10 years without a league title. Ranieri did it in his first season in-charge of predicted ‘relegation battlers’ Leicester. I can’t be the only one who finds Leicester City’s actions absolutely despicable. Yes, they are struggling in the league, but surely he deserves better than being sacked 9-months after winning them their first league title in their 132-year existence!

Maybe I’m just a fool for thinking there should be more loyalty, class and respect in football. Maybe it is just a results business and if the results aren’t coming, the manager should be sacked as opposed to the players who are out there failing him and their fans every week.

I remember a teammate once telling me “there’s no loyalty in football” and I didn’t want to believe him but those words are becoming more and more apparent to me and other football fans alike.