Tottenham Hotspur

After finishing 3rd in the Premier League last season there was a huge wave of optimism around a soon to be demolished White Hart Lane as Tottenham were set to embark on their first Champions League campaign in 6 years.

But unfortunately for Tottenham fans we all know how that campaign panned out as the club failed to make the Round of 16. Fear not though as there was always the safety net of the much trusted Europa League.

Surely that would bring European adventures along the way and it certainly did as the club travelled to the likes of Gent and….Gent. With Tottenham being dumped out of the Europa League on Thursday night and once again Wembley Stadium becoming something of a hindrance to the North London club, chairman Daniel Levy has decided it’s time for a change.

With White Hart Lane in its final few months, Tottenham still need to find a new “home” for next season as the building works continue, now many thought Wembley was to fill that void but I can announce that Tottenham are to forego any “home” advantage next season as they plan to rename themselves as the Tottenham Globetrotters

Yes that’s right get ready for 9 months of razzamatazz as Premier League action will be coming to a town near you, see the stars of such shows as “Europa League Thursday” and “EFL Cup Highlights on 5” up close and personnel for just one season only

Marvel as Christian Eriksen fails to whip in a corner with two separate balls and Harry Kane scores a goal at the right end, watch Dele Alli try and break someone’s leg with hilarious consequences and Eric Dier shout expletives in front of a family audience.

Stare in disbelief as Hugo Lloris balloons another ball out of the arena while Moussa Dembele only plays another 45 minutes after another night out in a provincial nightclub in the Evening, there will surely be high jinks as manager Mauricio Pochettino tries to keep things all together from the sidelines.

But it’s not about the result anymore as chairman Daniel Levy said in the press conference on Friday “As you know I have such a relaxed attitude to spending money and I thought it was about time that attitude was reflected on the pitch, why worry about maximising profits when we can enjoy maximising fun”

It’s sure to be an action packed campaign as Tottenham hit the road for 38 Premier League matches, tickets are set to go on sale on Wednesday 1 March and here are the opening set of tour dates:

August 8 – Weston Super Mare Leisure Centre
August 10 – Poole Swimming Baths
August 12 – Taunton Sports Park
August 15 – St Austell Fitness Zone
August 20 – Aberystwyth University Campus

As you can see an action packed opening set of games are already scheduled with more set to be announced in the coming weeks. Europe is laughing at Tottenham after defeat on Thursday and now the whole of Britain can laugh at them too, be sure to get your tickets and not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.