7 of the most stupid looking trophies in football…


Talk to any fan, well most of them, and they will say winning trophies are the best thing. You’re the best, the number ones. No one, unless you revolt to the chairman hey Leicester players, can take that away from you.

I was watching Tottenham’s game against Gent the other night and BT Sport had the Europa League trophy on a stand. I thought to myself ‘that’s a good-looking trophy’. Then it hit me. The Champions League one is a bit, well urgh.

Champions League Trophy

Bland, large ears and big for no real reason. No, I’m talking about Gary Lineker. An oversized egg cup comes to mind. The same could said of the next trophy I went to look at…

 Premier League Trophy

The crown helps this, but I still think it looks like something Lego have made. Nothing crazy, weird or anything strange on it. I’m still surprised it isn’t covered in sponsors though, not that the Premier League chase the pound sign.

Germans are known for their organisation, lack of fun and winning mentality. Using a giant hubcap as a league trophy is an odd one.

Bundesliga Trophy

Looking like something 50 Cent would have spinning on the side of his Range Rover. The green emeralds must represent something and a D in my German GCSE means I don’t understand a word of what is written.
And in 20 years’ time, I wonder how big it will be with all the names on it. Praise be that Borussia Monchengladbach don’t go on to dominate the Bundesliga.

Ligue 1 Trophy

If I was in squad that won the French league and was presented this, my first question would be ‘How the hell do I hold it?’ The temptation to roll it would be massive. Also, I wonder if anyone has tried to kick that silver ball?

Turkey League Trophy

Desky Lewis is the person responsible for this picture. No Turkey haven’t gone totally mad and are now using heads as trophies, but their League cup does look like one of the Ferengi from Star Trek.

The A-League bosses in Australia obviously are big Lord of the Rings fans.

Australia League Trophy

It actually comes of its small stand and this makes me wonder how many times it has had to have been replaced after a heavy Frisbee session. Hanging it around your neck and swinging it must have crossed a few minds too.

My final one is this beauty.

Russia League Trophy

Only is Russia could you have part crappy Sunday league cup. The top bit is part light bulb and the rest of it upside down. The ribbons are pointless and look like a man with a very bad comb-over.
Thanks for reading this, if you have any other you want to share please do.