There is no doubting that Liverpool started the season at breakneck speed with Heavy Metal Football being played in stadiums up and down the country but unfortunately their last bunch of tour dates have not been all that successful.

So much so that I can now sensationally reveal that TV pundits have come to the conclusion that it will once again not be Liverpool’s year. A season that had so much promise in now in danger of falling by the wayside, as this band of Redmen play something which more resembles light dinner Jazz instead of Iron Maiden (Ask your Dad).

It’s quite the fall from grace for the club that had according to their own fans won this season’s title as early as last November. Yes if you cast your mind back to just before Christmas many Kopites were declaring the title race already over as Liverpool romped to a 6-1 win over Watford.

To win the league before Christmas is quite the feat but if any club could do it’s them, don’t forget they managed to win the 2014 Premier League title before the season had even finished. Ignore the fact they did not actually finish top of the table, they had already won the title in April after beating Manchester City 3-2 at Anfield. It slips my mind what happened after that.

But it seems after pundits were too quick to sing Liverpool’s praises 3 years ago they are not willing to make the same mistakes this time around. After defeat to the Leicester City Snakes earlier in the week those same pundits have now officially ruled The Reds of the title race.

People will point to the fact that Jurgen Klopp has flogged his squad within an inch of their lives over the first few months of the season. But in turns out there is a very simple reason for this, the former Borussia Dortmund boss got confused when hearing the phrase “It’s Liverpool’s year” and assumed the English Football season concludes at the end of the December.

I guess that is a very easy mistake to make when English is not your first language and therefore Klopp should not be judged too hard by the board when they review the season and weigh up whether or not it has been a success. The club now have a fight on their hands to join the Champions League and no Jurgen that is not a league solely for the Champions, please stop translating English phrases so literally

The history books may well say that Liverpool have not won a top flight title since 1990 but who needs history books when you can just edit Wikipedia pages. If you look at their latest entry, the club have won 20 league titles, The Boat Race in 1989 and the Mixed Doubles at Wimbledon last Summer. But trust me next year really will be their year.