After Arsenal’s straight sets defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday night many armchair viewers would have been waiting for Arsene Wenger’s post match comments. I say many, because a lot of Arsenal fans would have had sat behind the armchair by the time Robert Lewandowski put Bayern ahead on the evening.

But even they could not anticipate the maelstrom that was about to rear its head over North London less than half an hour later. I seem to be like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (ask someone from the 1990’s) as all I ever seem to write about when these two clubs meet is a 5-1 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich.

When the dust had finally settled and Robbie from ArsenalFanTV had decided what colour his new Lamborghini would be it was time for Wenger to lift his head out of the sand and impart his wisdom on what he has just seen at The Emirates.

It would have been too easy for Wenger to lambast his players or then again perhaps too difficult as once again after an atrocious collapse they were not criticised by the 67 year old Frenchman, instead the former Monaco boss saved his displeasure for the Referee.

A performance from the Referee that Wenger called irresponsible and because of that he was “revolted”, well the word he used there is quite apt as there is a revolt happening on the stands and on the streets in the red half of North London.

It’s a toxic atmosphere out there as the Troopz (enough about that idiot) of the Wenger Out brigade go head to head with the loyal servants of the Wenger In battalion. Banners are being paraded as hoardes of football day trippers think this is now part of the Arsenal match day experience and BOY they really are getting treated at present.

The loyalists who have backed Wenger for 20 years are still clinging on to the fact that he will sign a new contract and do you know what so are fans of the other 19 Premier League teams. Arsene Wenger, we really do want you to stay!

But there is an ever growing noise and more importantly a social media savvy element that have had enough and say Arsene it’s time to go. It’s a battle which has fractured a fanbase which has not been this irate since the price of an Artisan Panini rose above £6 in the Emirates Food stalls.

It seems as if though the idiots are winning and they will get their way in the end as Arsene’s empire comes crumbling down. But if and most probably when he does depart Arsenal fans do need to be careful for what they wish for.

Will the grass be greener on the other side, well there is absolutely no guarantee of that as Manchester United fans will attest to but if Arsenal do begin to slide there’s one man who will be doing absolute cartwheels…..Robbie from ArsenalFan TV. If he ends up getting any more views he’ll be able to bid for the next Premier League TV Contract.

Imagine that Super Sunday on YouTube with Robbie as your host with Claude and Ty as the pundits. Stop the footballing world, I want to get off….But not before I’ve promoted this brand new betting app.