P-Ross P-Reviews the Premier League (and the FA Cup)

P-ross P-reviews

Saturday 11th March 2017

Bournemouth vs West Ham United

Premier League games during the FA Cup quarter finals are always damp squid affairs. This game of mid-table malarkey doesn’t do much to deter from that fact. But Bournemouth did stamp their authority over Man United in their last game (I’m sure I’m allowed to say that).

West Ham aren’t playing at the Olympic Park so they will be happy. Chelsea ruined them even thou it was only 1-2. And Carroll should find it easier not going up against Kung Fu Mings.

SCORE: 1-1

Everton vs West Bromwich Albion

Everton were very poor against Spurs last Sunday. And with their boss thinking of Barcelona it is a good opportunity for West Brom to zip up the league.

Lukaku is an odd guy, he says he needs to play on the next level (i.e. Champions League) but is happy to sign a new deal at Goodison. Who says footballers are stupid?

Toby Pulis still annoys me though, and should lose this for that reason. But if we are honest, no one really cares for this match.

SCORE: 4-1

Hull City vs Swansea City

Hull owe me big time after letting Leicester off so easily. So, I demand, yes demand, they win. They can’t let the Foxes get away for what they did to poor old Claudio.

But Swansea have Gylfi. Oh Gylfi, what a player.

Sorry, I drifted off then. Swansea will be buoyant after their 99th minute winner against Barnsley last weekend. So, I’m torn on who I want to win now. Can’t they both win?

SCORE: 2-2 but both team get three points


Middlesbrough vs Manchester City

Whatever you do Pep, don’t look into Karanka’s eyes. You will fall asleep and let them win.

Also, don’t rest too many players. And don’t play Bravo. He is walking disaster. Panic over.

‘Boro are in the relegation zone and should take their eye off the ball for this one. And with only scoring 19 goals in the league all season, I really can’t see them even getting into City’s half.

SCORE: 0-5

Arsenal vs Lincoln City

Surely even Arsenal will turn up for this game? After their Déjà vu performance against Bayern in the week they have to play a strong side. So, for that reason I fully expect Wenger to change the entire 11.

I love what Lincoln have done in the FA Cup, and the brothers who run the show are great for the game. But it’s one game too far them. Also, I don’t know any of their players so I just rambled on.

SCORE: 5-1

Sunday 12th February

Tottenham vs Millwall

Spurs on the T.V. again. And, for some reason, a lot of 14-year-old boys in skinny jeans are threatening to bring hell to White Hart Lane. That’s if they get there on time, as there is a lot of hair gel that needs to be applied first for that perfect quiff.

Harry Kane comes up against one of his many former clubs he went on loan, before he became the 6th best striker in the world. Yes 6th. Yes, I’m basing this on absolutely nothing.

Neil Harris seems like a nice guy but they should lose.

SCORE: 2-1

Premier League

Liverpool vs Burnley

Which Liverpool will turn up? The one that beat Arsenal or the one that normally collapses against clubs like Burnley?

Klopp must be tearing his hair out with their up and down season. Even with Mane back no-one can really know what to expect.

Burnley look safe now, and with my backing will drop like a stone if they are not careful. But if they stay up I’m hoping Joey Barton finds the league to tough and finally retires.

SCORE: 2-1