That was the week that was…

That was the week that was


The skies above the Emirates are currently congested with circling vultures bumping into planes dragging confusing messages. Everyone’s Arsening about – Willy Wonty for Gooners, those weirdos who strangely actually care who’s in charge at Arsenal, while the unsilent rest of us gape and guffaw. Caring is a worrying Gunnerial problem, though, don’t laugh, with Superman Sanchez stricken its surely Cech mate, Au Revoir O Ancient Lined One?

The Shakespearean effect has been officially noted at that ‘King Stadium. Last week’s acting by Vardy was of Oscar standard, at least in Europe: that Sami Nasri was red with admiration (still haven’t forgotten that awful snood). The Madrileans of Atletico are next to be out-Foxed, but meanwhile Leicester have also remembered how to do it Prem-wise, Hammering nails into Slav’s backside at that London Stadium: 56,000 though on Saturday, impressive crowd, what? Beginning to think That Kasper is as good as his Dad – well, maybe?

Enjoyed the CityPool game: blood ‘n guts, a million misses, could’ve gone either way. But with lethargy, substitution and the EuroCity loss it could mean Bye Bye Ya Ya, surely the Blues needed his experience on Wednesday? Past his sell by date, that one… Thank the Blue God for Kun though, even if he did miss a few. Only a Red pen though, without that the result would have Kopped a bad defeat.

Sir Sam to be knighted at the Palace (the one at Selhurst Park). The big bad blogger did it again, stinging them sliding Hornets. Hey, I’m a big fan of Lucky at Goodison, but here’s a thought: Everton invested in Roaming Romulo big time – is this loyalty, refusing a huge new pay packet and threatening to go elsewhere? Everton have always played second fiddle on Merseyside, and just when a top six fix and more looks on, out comes the gun to the head. The word mercenary comes to mind…

Perfect timing for Unconvincing United to take on badly- mauled Middlesbrough to slip gently into the top five, while meandering – mouandering? into the Europa quarters. Next up it’s Anderlecht – surely some decent opposition at last to stretch the Reds?

Champions Chelsea, eh Mou, OK with that? Winning ugly when poor officialdom’s against you is a valuable asset, the Cahill winner had manager Mowgli swinging from the dugout in ecstasy. Kaneless Spurs kept it up beating those dangerous Saints and that Bournemouth eleven – that’s players on the field and thousand fans watching – effectively ensured Prem persistence next season, and kept the Swans sweating. Looks like a North East disaster so far going down with Sunderland and Boro favorites, but with whom? Hull have heart and sterling Silva, but time is running out down dere…

East Midland Gazette: Forest 2 Derby 2 (both with newbie managers) – phew, Reds’ equalizer in 94th minute!