Fantasy Football

Like a bad hangover, low scoring game weeks are hard to get over. Whilst I don’t like to speak about that game week with the embarrassingly low score, it’s something you have to face head on. Much like a hangover, this can be combated gradually – going all in without taking due care will have less than pleasing results. Before I drive this metaphor even further into the ground, let me tell you I scored 71 last week which beat the average of 56 fairly comfortably. I did however drop about 500 places to 226,836th in the overall rankings. It’s time for a few more bites of that bacon butty, and a strong coffee is brewing – game week 33 looks like it could be even more of a headache.

The Dilemma

Harry Kane’s return last week put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. Managers who boldly put him in ahead of last Saturday’s match were rewarded with a 1 point return. Undoubtedly, a fixture at home to Bournemouth seems like the type of game where Kane will fill his boots, but how much will he play? There’s a big FA Cup tie next weekend, so my bet is that he will start on Saturday and play at least an hour if not longer, but if the game is won he’ll be withdrawn. Assuming he remains fit though he’s an FPL machine, a must have. There’s also the small matter of Man Utd vs Chelsea, where I suspect Mourinho will try and shut down his former club but few have succeeded in that this season. Liverpool face a trip to West Brom, which seems nicer now than it did a month ago, whilst Man City and the bang in-form Sergio Aguero are at Southampton. Worryingly bad Arsenal are at Middlesbrough and loveable flat track bully Lukaku welcomes Burnley to his goal scoring nest. Choices!

Bargain Bin

If you want to look further afield, Sunderland’s next five fixtures will make or break their season so if you are backing them to at least make an effort to stay up, now is the time to get Jermain Defoe. Alternatively, Jordan Pickford in goal at 4.1m is incredible value, when you think he makes 20 saves a game and there’s the potential for some 0-0 draws in there.

Tom Davies at Everton seems well established in the side now and there should be some potential returns as Burnley visit Goodison this weekend. Likewise, Wilfried Zaha was in wonderful form on Monday night, with Champions League distracted Leicester their visitors this weekend. With a double game week to follow, it’s a good time to jump on the Zaha wagon (if that’s a thing).

Also Consider…

Speaking of double game weeks, three teams have such a delight next week. Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough and Man Utd are the three but none of them have outstanding fixtures so don’t go nuts.

However, week 37 is the time to proceed with going nuts. TEN teams will play twice, and they are *deep breath*: Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Man City, Manchester United, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Watford and West Brom *gasps for air*. Whilst I will run down who has the most appetising of those fixtures nearer the time (Man City’s are ace and Chelsea’s are decent but they might have already won the title by then), it’s worth considering two things. Firstly, if you don’t have a wildcard to use, it might be worth bringing in players from those teams over the coming weeks to make sure you are stacked with DGW players. Secondly, it’s a great time to use your triple captain however you can’t use it at the same time as your wildcard, so if you are holding your wildcard back to go for a mega team, you can’t use the triple captain (or any other chip).

As a side note, Arsenal and Southampton also have a double game week 36 but it’s not very exciting.


Lukaku at home to somebody not in the top 6 seems very sensible – a little too obvious maybe but there’s no reason to doubt he’ll run Burnley down like he has most teams this season. Alli & Son are continuously good options for Tottenham captaincy at home to Bournemouth, but I’m not brave enough to captain Kane yet. My outside choice is Defoe, I know Sunderland are in woeful form but West Ham are pretty much safe after their win last week and I think Defoe will get one over his former club. Besides, Moyesy has to win a game again eventually, doesn’t he!?

I’ll admit I have written this on Wednesday evening, before any team news. For that, I can only apologise, but Easter has brought many commitments so I have had to go early, as a result I have refrained from putting in many player prices as they may well change before this is published. Regardless, I wish you luck and may all your arrows be green. Oh and have a great Easter!