Yep, you read that headline correctly. But what to these two hugely successfully yet massively different clubs have in common?

The two sides boast an impressive history and a terrific fan base, but it isn’t these wonderful aspects that I’ve taken specific interest to. It is in fact their transfer policy…hear me out…please.

Celtic and Bayern have both had some remarkably talented players down the years, and both still do, albeit on somewhat different ends of the spectrum. Both sides also have talented youth systems that have produced so many wonderful players over the centuries, with current Celtic left back Kieran Tierney certainly one to watch out for in the near future.

I have however kept a close eye on their signings in recent transfer windows and, well, there does seem to be one annoying similarity.

The annoying aspect involves the FACT that both Celtic and Bayern seem to snap up players from teams competing in the same league as them, with Celtic sticking to the SPL and Bayern the Bundesliga (calm down, there are of course some exceptions). What’s worse however is that Bayern have, as everybody is all too familiar with, taken stars from their biggest rivals, with Robert Lewandowski and Mats Hummels in the spotlight here. I mean, how has this just been accepted?! Thankfully no such betrayal has taken place in Scotland as of yet, with Kenny Miller saved from the dreaded direct switch across Glasgow thanks to a quick spell at Derby County sandwiched between time at Celtic and Rangers.

Bayern’s shameful list of stolen Bundesliga goods also comprises of Joshua Kimmich and Sven Ulreich amongst countless others. Celtic meanwhile have had a few Scottish steals to brag about in recent seasons, and have proven that if they are the Scottish Bayern Munich, then Dundee United are the Scottish Borussia Dortmund! This stems from the astonishing triple deal that saw their beloved players Gary Mackay-Steven, Stuart Armstrong and Nadir Ciftci all make their way to the green and white of Celtic Park within about thirty seconds of each other. Dundee United were relegated from the top flight of Scottish football about thirty seconds later…I’ll say no more, except for WOW, how is this one okay?!

Slightly more upsetting is the fact that half of these players really don’t get a chance to shine at their new club, and are immediately shipped back out again, with Mario Gotze a prime example of this nonsensical nonsense. The aforementioned Dundee United lads epitomise Celtic’s role in this sham, and although Armstrong has been an ever-present, 95% of Celtic fans genuinely wouldn’t believe me if I reminded them that the other two are actually still at the club.

Thankfully it isn’t all doom and gloom, with these lovely and thoughtful clubs giving back to the those that they have robbed, with such loan deals as Efe Ambrose to Hibernian and Dante’s transfer to Wolfsburg pretty much as good as it gets. There have of course been various other gestures like these, but these two centre back afro lovers were the first to cross my mind.

There is further positivity in the comforting notion that the two clubs are now venturing further afield to acquire their future stars, with Kingsley Coman’s recent transfer from Juventus for Bayern, and northern transitions for Kolo Toure and Scott Sinclair for Celtic the pick of the bunch.

Oh, and one final thing, Bayern have just landed their fifth title in a row while Celtic have already bagged their sixth. Another chilling reality that bring these two clubs together, but surely their rugged transfer policies haven’t had anything to do with their success…