Au Revoir, Arsene

Poor old Arsene la. The fella can’t catch a break. First of all, Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Leicester is overshadowed by a, ahem, sickening injury to Alexis Sanchez’s lip. I’m surprised the poor lad didn’t need stitches after getting a ball launched at his face from 5 yards. Who stands 5 yards away from a throw in when you know, for a fact, the taker can lash it 20 odd yards? Anyway, I digress.

Then Arsenal are outplayed by Spurs in the North London Derby. You can’t blame Arsene for bailing his post-match interview with Sky early. Clearly his players have stopped playing for him. Some even appear to have their minds elsewhere. I won’t name names on that front like. But some Chilean fart who plays out wide, should have signed for Liverpool and currently has a fat lip seriously looks like he can’t even be arsed anymore.

Done and Dusted

As much as it pains me to say it, it does now look a foregone conclusion that Chelsea will win the league. Even though Spurs seem to be matching them every step of the way at this point, it’s fair to say that Chelsea look unstoppable and you can’t see Antonio Conte letting his side take their foot off the gas. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as a Liverpool fan like. Who do I want to win the league?

I mean, I hate Chelsea and that goes without saying. But if Spurs win it, then they have undoubtedly overtaken us. Plus, I have developed a major dislike towards Spurs this season. They seem to get away with absolute murder because they have a few English players. One man typifies that as well – Dele Alli. It can’t be argued that Dele Alli is a class player. World class? Not yet in my eyes, but he is certainly on his way. However Alli is a flat-track bully. He can be a nasty little shit when he wants to be and should have had a few more cards to his name than he has done this season. Chelsea are horrible, but at least there’s an honour to their scattiness and I’ve sort of come to respect them this season. Conte almost makes them likeable. Ahhh, my heads battered with this. Do I have to choose one?!

Race for 4th place

At the time of writing, Liverpool are yet to play their Monday night away game against Watford. But I have had the joy of watching Man United and Man City drop vital points and give the onus back to my lucky reds. I’m going to make a bold statement here – I guarantee Liverpool won’t finish in the top 4. Bad things happen to Liverpool in these situations.

We needed to avoid defeat to Chelsea in order to win the league in 2014. Enter Slippy G and the worst day of my life. We needed to beat United in 2015 to stay in with a chance of qualifying for the Champions League. Gerrard gets sent off and Juan Mata made a show of us. We need to at least match United for the next 4 games. Those games for us are Watford (A), Southampton (H), West Ham (A) and Middlesbrough (H). Just look at Liverpool this season and their performances against those types of sides. We’ve had it! Christ on a bike, look at me. I’m in absolute bits about Liverpool finishing 4th. What happened to us la?!