Champions League, I’m having a laugh
Is right the reds! Never had any doubt in you boys. I always knew, right from the first kick of the season, that we would finish in the top four. We have a squad of players with so much character that I actually cannot envisage a situation in which we would fold. Putting teams to the sword week after week, all season long. The way in which we have dispatched the smaller teams while also dealing with the bigger sides – Christ, I’m surprised we haven’t won the league. In all seriousness, this is definitely progress for Liverpool. If we have to classify this season as successful or not, then it certainly is when you consider we finished 7th last time around. Now it’s time to show Europe what the mighty Reds are all about…Watch us get Dortmund in the qualifiers and end up in the Europa League. That’d be the most Liverpool thing ever.
Goodbye, J.T
John Terry said ‘in a bit’ to Chelsea on Sunday then after 19 years first team service. A lot of people are not John Terry fans and, guess what, neither am I. There is absolutely no denying that Terry was a brilliant centre-half in his day. He is a born leader, positionally astute and was dominant in every situation he found himself in. But my God, does he love the spotlight. Who can forget May 2012? Chelsea had just won the Champions League in Munich, for which their skipper was banned for. Terry is then front and centre when the team go up to collect the trophy, in full kit. Not even over his suit! Even his send off on Sunday was typical Terry. Why only play 26 minutes? Why have a guard of honour in the middle of the game? Why take about 20 minutes to get off the pitch? That amount of self-indulgence was quintessential John Terry. Goodbye J.T. God speed, Captain Cringe.
Thank God for the finals
It’s nearly over then. The fat lady is drinking her honey and lemon, warming her vocal chords to signal the end of this season. There’s still a couple of cup finals and important matters to deal with though before we all pretend to like Cricket for three months. This Wednesday is the Europa League final, which will be great if United manage to get beat by Ajax. There’s the Champions League final 10 days afterwards between Juventus and Real Madrid. I’d love to see Gigi Buffon finally win the Champions League. Nobody is more deserving. But I’m really looking forward to the Championship play-off final. It’s never a dull game. Even the finals that have finished 1-0 have been entertaining. I’m backing Huddersfield, because I love an underdog, but I think Reading might have too much for the Terriers. Plus, I reckon Jaap Stam might growl at the Huddersfield strikers and make them wet their kecks.