The Real Football Man Review Of The Week: Low Key JT

The Real Football Man

We’ve done it, we’ve reached the end of what at times has felt like a very long Premier League season. Ok, it is no longer than any other, but you get the idea, and with that in mind, it’s once again time for my Real Football Man Review of the Week.

The final day of the season did not really tell us anything new, if anything it just confirmed what we all think about John Terry. The former England captain, who all throughout his career has always stayed out of the limelight, stayed true to form with a low-key send-off at Stamford Bridge.

Most players would settle for a teary lap of the pitch at the end of their final appearance for the club, but oh no not our beloved JT. He managed to go one better than that with an almost farcical guard of honour on 26 minutes, it was so cringeworthy that even his now former teammates looked embarrassed by it all.

Sunderland were so ashamed by playing a part in the John Terry send off that David Moyes resigned from the club just two days later, although that is not strictly true but it will come as no surprise that the former Manchester United and Everton boss took one look at a squad without Jermain Defoe and Jordan Pickford and thought “no need to fire me, I’ll get my coat”.

Another club that are now looking for a new manager is Crystal Palace after the shock resignation of Sam Allardyce. He once again performed another great escape this season after turning Palace’s fortunes around, but after the debacle with England he is only ever going to be known as a managerial firefighter and has obviously had enough of that role……until West Brom or Stoke come calling in November.

Liverpool are once again back among the European elite after getting the necessary win over Middlesbrough, it was a comfortable win in the end, although they did have a huge slice of luck when Patrick Bamford was bundled over in the box by Dejan Lovren in what was an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

Then again with this Patrick Bamford we are talking about, a goalscoring opportunity and actually scoring a goal are two completely different things as far as the serial loanee is concerned. Whether that would really have changed the complexion of the game I’m not sure, but one thing is for certain, Martin Atkinson will not be on any Arsenal fan’s Christmas Card list. Do people still do Christmas Cards?

Liverpool are joined in the Champions League amongst others by Manchester United as they made light work of Ajax in the Europa League Final on Wednesday. It was Jose Mourinho’s men versus Paul Bosz’s boys and it is fair to say that the Ajax youngsters suffered a massive case of stage fright.

The game was not all that befitting of the spectacle but when have Mourinho’s side really entertained as of late. Truth be told after the events in Manchester on Monday it shows that in the grand scheme of things, football is not all that important, but that win will make sure that the city stays United.

That reminds me I need to go to Homebase this weekend and get that Ronseal, there is an F.A. Cup Final on after all.

That concludes my whistlestop tour of what has happened in the world of football, I’ll be back next week. Until then.