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Huddersfield promoted

Fair to say nobody saw this coming. Huddersfield were tipped for relegation at the beginning of the season but were promoted to the Premier League yesterday. To be fair, it’s no more than the Terriers deserved. They’ve pushed Newcastle and Brighton all season with less resources than the Championships top two teams. I do worry for them though. I mean, remember the season Derby were unexpectedly promoted in 2007? They finished the next season as the worst side in Premier League history. Nahki Wells may just score more goals than Emanuel Villa next season, granted, but Huddersfield surely fall into the Derby bracket. It’s a nice story but surely it will end in tears just like Bournemouth did. Hang on a minute…

Chelsea make Arses of themselves

Honestly, I took no pleasure at all out of seeing Chelsea’s dismal display in the F.A. Cup Final on Saturday. OK, I was little bit made up to watch them get battered by Arsenal. But Arsenal were very good in all fairness. They pressed Chelsea continuously and the players that needed to turn up, did just that. Even Per Mertersacker (you remember him. Big German fella, blonde hair, wonky face, less agility than the QE2?) played well on his first start of the season. Sort of begs the question – where have Arsenal been all season? If they’d have played this well on a more consistent basis then the Arsenal fans wouldn’t be forced to jog home from work to watch their side play in 6 o’clock kick offs on a Thursday night in Azerbaijan next season. Chelsea were awful though. Like, really bad. And I took no great pleasure in that…. Hahaha! No, seriously….pfft

Retirement season

There’s been a fair few retirements of big name players this season. Francesco Totti and John Terry have left their respective clubs with murky futures, while Xabi Alonso and Phillip Lahm have also bailed it. I have to say, I sort of feel sorry for John Terry though. I mean, Xabi Alonso and Phillip Lahm were given flowers and all sorts of fan fair by Bayern. Francesco Totti was carried shoulder high, given a lap of honour and even had a poem written for him by Alessandro Florenzi when he left Roma over the weekend. What did John Terry get? The almighty piss taken out of him by opposition fans for being front and centre of every major Chelsea occasion. Nothing he didn’t deserve like, and I’m not particularly against the piss taking either. I just wanted to highlight to the world once more what an utter gimp John Terry is.

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