The Real Football Man

The end of the club season is just one day away and that is where football writers such as myself stare into the abyss and prepare themselves for the footballing juggernaut otherwise known as the FIFA Confederations Cup and with that in mind, it’s once again time for my Real Football Man review of the week.

Well, who would have thought it, 20% off Ronseal at Homebase over the Bank Holiday Weekend. But that’s enough about my DIY success, let’s focus on Arsenal and their F.A. Cup victory last Saturday.

Arsenal’s third cup success in four seasons comes at the end of a hard-fought cup run which has seen them beat the likes of Sutton United, Lincoln and Crawley Town Girls Under 14s. That said though you cannot begrudge them their silverware as they can only beat what is in front of them.

Even if what is put in front of them is a butcher, baker, candlestick maker or Victor Moses. Moses may have seen Red last Saturday at Wembley but he will be able to take solace from the fact that he will be representing Nigeria in the Diving event at next year’s Commonwealth Games.

Alexis Sanchez maybe reluctant in signing a new contract with Arsenal but if he does not move to Bayern Munich this summer then he can always ply his trade in the NBA. His near farcical Basketball layup in the build up to The Gunner’s opener will certainly not have gone unnoticed by scouts from the LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls.

In a week where Arsenal booked their place in the Champions League with F.A. Cup success….no hang on that is only the Europa League where that get out clause works it was obviously an ideal time to bury some bad news.

Although good news for plane hire companies around North London as the longest running managerial saga since David Brent in The Office has finally come to an end as Arsene Wenger has been awarded a 2-year contract to continue his axis of evil over The Emirates.

Whether it is the right decision or not can be argued, personally I’m just glad there is a decision one way or the other. Wenger fatigue was starting to really get the better of me, whether the 67-year-old can finally break the cycle of boom and bust remains to be seen but for the next two months, Arsenal will at least be top of the table by virtue of alphabetical order if nothing else.

In other managerial news, Marco Silva has joined Watford. The former Olympiakos manager was in high demand after his exploits with Hull last season, he has signed a 2 year deal with the club although that, of course, means he will be at the club for just the one.

Finally, welcome to Huddersfield who have reached the Premier League for the first time ever (remember football was invented in 1992 so ignore any previous top-flight exploits), David Wagner got the better of Jaap Stam in the battle of “coming over ‘ere and stealing our managerial jobs”.

Their promotion was secured through the lottery of the play-offs but it has to be said it was one of the worst matches I’ve seen all season. When there is that much at stake and players are too scared to lose then they may as well just flip a coin and be done with it.

That concludes my whistlestop tour of what has happened in the world of football, I’ll be back next week. Until then.