So that’s it lads, the Champions League final signalled the end of the European season. We now face 3 months of being bored shitless. But for the next 10 minutes, you lovely people get to read the inaugural Is Right La end of season awards!

Robbery of the season

There can only be one winner of this and it has to be Arsenal’s 2-1 F.A Cup final win over Chelsea. OK, so Arsenal did deserve the win on the day. But they were piss weak from August until April. They only got to the semi-final because they faced Sutton United and Lincoln City in the two previous rounds. Fair to say that Arsenal deserved nothing out of this season and managed to walk away with a trophy and Europa League finish. How can that not be described as a robbery?

Honorary Scouser of the season

I wasn’t going to include Liverpool players in this but, not arsed, it’s the end of a long season and I’ve had a bevy. Lucas Leiva is the honorary scouser of the season. After giving us the quote of the season, the now infamous “ANLACKEEE”, he also celebrated Liverpool’s 3-1 derby win in April by screaming “YES LAD” as he walked back into the home dressing room at full time. Is right Lucas lad!

Biggest wool(s) of the season

Anyone from Liverpool will know that being a wool isn’t a term of endearment and this award will reflect that. So with that in mind, the winner of this award is not one person but a whole team of them. Leicester City are the biggest wools of the season. You can’t really argue lads. You got your league winning manager the sack because YOUR performances saw you fighting relegation. That’s a proper snide move!  Much deserved winners I think.

Fail of the season

There were a lot of contenders for this award but I think a worthy winner was chosen in Joey Barton. So our Joey signs for Rangers in July thinking he’s going to have a boss time in Scotland after shitting on Burnley. Not only does he struggle in the SPL, but he moves back to Burnley after falling out with virtually everyone in Rangers he then gets an 18 month ban for betting irregularities. That’s the biggest miscalculated risk since Everton gave Mike Walker the job thinking he’d take them to Europe.

There you have it then, the 2016/17 season is in the books and the end of season awards have been dealt. Don’t barm your kecks though, I’ll still be here throughout the summer setting the footballing world to rights on the Confederations Cup, transfers and anything else I think needs ripping. In a bit la.