Come on Moise son!

This hasn’t been a massive story this week but it’s one that has certainly caught my eye. Juventus youngster Moise Kean is apparently unhappy with the club for one of the most bizarre reasons I think anyone has ever heard of. His father was promised a fleet of tractors for his farm in the Ivory Coast as part of the deal which saw the Italian champions sign the young lad, but hasn’t received them. It seems that this has left Moise fuming with the club to the point of wanting to leave. First of all, should his arle fella be taking advantage of his sons talent in this way? It’s a bit Jackson family-esque, isn’t it big daddy Kean? Secondly, If Kean is allowing something as stupid as this affect his game then he seriously needs to give his head a wobble. Lad, you’re playing for the Italian champions and Champions League runners up. What are you playing at threatening to leave over this?!

VAR goodness sake!

After years of excuse making and ignoring popular opinion, FIFA finally decided to use the Confederations Cup as the major tournament to test out video assisted refereeing. “It’s about time,” the world cried. “We’re finally catching up with the rest of sport in the 21st century,” they said. And how has it panned out? Well it’s an absolute pain in the arse. First of all, referees are reversing decisions which is causing massive confusion. Everyone thought this would be a great idea, but, much like communism, it turns out this is only good in practice. Then there’s the time it takes. My god, it takes an age. You get a replay of some fellas in a van wearing referee shirts, which is weird in itself, watching the incident back a couple of times while the actual referee stands in the middle of the pitch looking like his bus is late. In all fairness, VAR is probably going to be a success in the long run. But it clearly needs ironing out before being more widely used.

Transfer Story of the Week

I’ve wrestled with transfer story of the week this week and I wasn’t going to do this but, fuck it, it’s my column. Liverpool finally, FINALLY, made their first signing of the window this week – and what a signing he is! We’ve paid £34 million for former Roma winger, Mohamed Salah. I am personally made up about this signing. Salah gives Liverpool pace and goals from the left, which was missing massively last season. It also means we can move Coutinho into central midfield, which is bound to terrify teams. I actually look forward to Chelsea fans wheeling out the “Chelsea reject” shouts. I prefer to look at it this way. Salah was on his way to Liverpool in January 2014 until Ian Ayre (god, that man is useless) ballsed it up and Chelsea swooped in to take advantage. Salah realised his mistake and tried desperately to get to Liverpool. So he bided his time at Fiorentina and Roma until the time was right, which is now. Is right Mo, welcome to Liverpool lad!