Is Right La!

Life can resume!

People of the world united in joy – football is back! OK, so I might be getting a bit over-excited for some meaningless pre-season friendlies, but come on la, it’s been a long summer. The Confederations Cup sort of tied us over until this point but now we are going to see what our teams have in store for us next season. As Liverpool fan, I’ve already said “this is our year” at least five times since July 1st. Manchester United fans have already been treated to Romelu Lukaku’s majestic first touch. Everton fans are still flying over the raft of mid-table players they have signed lately. Arsenal supporters are barming it over the prospect of Alexis Sanchez leaving, while their North London rivals just want something to happen. Yes, these are great times to be alive my friends.

Minted Milan

What the hell has happened to AC Milan?! After a couple of mediocre seasons in the Serie A and not even qualifying for Europe the season before last, it seems that some far eastern businessman with brewsties to his name has bought the club with the sole intention of returning them to their former glory. Milan are so lucky to have an owner who cares about them so much and only wants what’s best for the club. Buying players a whole new back four and spending millions in the process, certainly a revolutionary approach to such a problem. If only every other cub in the world had thought of that. Maybe, just maybe, the new Milan owner isn’t in it to bring the club back to prominence. Call me cynical, but why would a man from the far east want to buy a famous football club with a faithful fan base in a trendy city like Milan? Who am I kidding, these things never end in tears…

Transfer Story of the Week

This weeks’ Transfer Story of the Week has been reserved for a Mr Hart of Manchester. After his loan with Torino ended at the end of last season and with the Italian club deciding not to take up the option to sign England’s number one, Joe Hart has practically been without a club. This must be the most unwanted international first choice goalkeeper in football history. Hart must have thought he would come back to England as a returning English hero, as is usually the case when British players go abroad. Christ, United have apparently been interest in Gareth Bale since the day before he left to Real Madrid! But there was none of that with Hart. Manchester City – not interested. It’s sound though because Liverpool are interested – except they’re not. Thibaut Courtois might be leaving Chelsea though, so they could come in for him – no and no. So where is let for the Head and Shoulders number one – ah, Gigi Buffon took that place as well didn’t he. Awkward. Luckily for Joe, he’s got himself a great move to London which is where every player wants to be in the book of every foreigner who comes to England. Unluckily for Joe, it’s with West Ham United. All the best fella.

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