Liverpool pissing off the world

What is it with Liverpool?! Now in case you haven’t noticed, I am a Liverpool fan. But even I am starting to dislike the way we’re going about business. First of all, we have antagonised Southampton to the point that they were about an hour away from putting a complaint in about us to the Premier League tapping up Virgil van Dijk. I’m sure we have done nothing to endear ourselves to Southampton since now that van Dijk is training with his clubs youth squad. Now we have had two bids rejected by Red Bull Leipzig for midfielder Naby Keita. This has wound Keita up so that much that he’s almost broken a team-mate in half, nearly had a scrap with another team-mate and inflamed the situation so much that the training session had to be cancelled. Jesus Naby lad, that is an impressive amount of shit stirring! At least if he does come to Liverpool, he’ll fit right in on a night out in Concert Square.

£194 million!

One thing that irks everyone is when outside influences get involved in players’ futures and, unfortunately, it looks like it’s about to happen again. Look at the figure above and tell me seriously that it’s reasonable? Because it looks like Paris Saint-Germain are about to pay it for Neymar. £194 million. One hundred and ninety four million pounds. ONE HUNDRED. AND NINETY FOUR. MILLION. POUNDS. Some sources are even saying it may rise to £350 million after wages and bonuses. To put that into perspective, that is how much Tom Hicks and George Gillett bought Liverpool Football Club PLC for in February 2007 – you could buy a club for the price of Neymar! I’m done with football.

Transfer Story of the Week

We are coming to a point in the summer transfer window where the only transfers taking place are by clubs who are starting to become desperate. Between now and the end of August we are going to see teams get players on free transfers, on loan or for an extortionate amount of money. But Steve Bruce has proven this week that no matter much things change, some things will always stay the same. He did this by buying Ahmed Elmohamady – again – this time for Aston Villa. Elmohamady is a bang average player but he’s one of those players that has found the manager of his dreams, the manager that will always give him some work no matter what. The manager who probably has no problem with him cracking “your ma'” jokes. Yes, our Ahmed certainly landed on his feet when he signed for Sunderland on loan in 2010. Then began a bromance that would span 7 years now. All England fans may want to count their lucky stars that Bruce never did get the England job last summer otherwise we could’ve had a long, drawn out battle with FIFA about players switching nationality after already earning full international caps for their countries of birth.