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“I don’t wanna be shit!”

As far as meltdowns go, Darron Gibson had an absolute corker of one over the weekend. When speaking to Sunderland fans in a bar after a 5-0 thrashing at the hands of Celtic, Gibson told the supporters that certain players in the squad couldn’t care less about the club and their “fucking shit.” The best line from the whole video though was when Gibson proclaimed “I don’t wanna be shit.” Well Darron, you have done a sterling job of trying to prove otherwise throughout your career lad. For me, it’s the sheer pathetic nature of Gibson’s claim that is particularly hilarious. I thought that footballers weren’t meant to be pissed and washed up until they had retired. That being said, accepting a move to Sunderland seems as good as these days.


Chelsea’s baffling transfer window just got a lot more, well, baffling. After losing out on first choice right back, Danilo, to Manchester City and selling Nemanja Matic to Manchester United, it looks like Antonio Conte is about to make his third biggest transfer blunder of the window. It emerged yesterday that Conte is looking into the possibility of signing Danny Drinkwater from Leicester City. Come one la, I mean Drinkwater had a good season when Leicester won the league. But swapping Drinkwater for Matic? Seriously? Tell you what Antonio mate, why don’t you sell your Escalade for a Vauxhall Frontera eh? I’m sorry, but this is a proper strange one for me. Drinkwater is a good midfielder. But having him as Nemanja Matic’s replacement?! I feel like I must be missing something.

Transfer Story of the Week

This week’s transfer story of the week is one that I think is quite funny due to how insulting it is. About 3 years ago Diego Rolan was meant to be one of the hottest young players in Europe, courted by the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United. Fast forward to July 2017 and Rolan is on the verge of a £5.5 million move to Fulham in the Championship. You could say it is a bit of a fall from grace for the Uruguayan forward but considering he never actually made his big move, it is a sideways move at best. The thing that makes this move insulting though is Rolan’s insistence to wait for a bigger move. The fact that Slavisa Jokanovic is actually waiting around for a bigger club to come in for Rolan makes it all the more strange. I can imagine the conversations now. “So you decided to come yet Diego?” “Just hold on a couple more days, Real Madrid are interested.” Just sign the contract lad so you can start moaning and move to somewhere mediocre, like Espanyol, in January.

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