Fantasy Football

I am not a happy bunny today. Far from it, in fact. Why? Because I listened to what the official FFL account was telling me. Actually, I was annoyed before that. I was initially annoyed because I didn’t realize playing a wildcard changed my team for one week only. What’s that about? So last week’s masterstroke was rendered somewhat pointless as I had to make a ton load of transfers again this week just to get my team back into some kind of shape.

However, I thought I could use this to my advantage – Tammy Abraham scored last week so might be a better shout than Dominic Calvert Lewin for example. Marouane Fellaini isn’t that bad a player, so I recruited him too. It was going to be a good week, despite starting the weekend on minus 24 (which became minus 28 when I had to flog Aguero after a dodgy night out in Amsterdam).

FFL told me Phil Jones and Fellaini probably wouldn’t play though, injured in midweek. I listened to them. I am a fool.

Still, it could have been worse. It’s not as if I missed out on 22 points by having the two United crocks on my bench for crying out loud.

Ben Foster, 1 point

You’d have thought WBA could have defended an injury-time set-piece to hold out for a win, no? Oh no, not this weekend. Mind you, this fact was bittersweet as it was someone else in my team who scored the equalizer, so swings and roundabouts eh?

Leighton Baines, 1 point

At some point, I am getting rid of him. I am fuming I had to pick him, especially as Everton are so, so, so very bad right now. He managed to halve his points for just turning up by getting booked.

Cesar Azpilicueta, 2 points

A rare low-scoring day for Cesar, possibly because Morata had to go off injured removing Azpi’s way of getting assists. Just the two points for playing 90 minutes this week.

Ben Davies, 16 points

I was on top of the world after the Tottenham game. Davies had scored, got an assist and a clean sheet. Happy days. Throw in a bonus point and the two for just being there and I was laughing.

N’Golo Kante, 2 points

Kante would not have started for me if I hadn’t been bullshitted over Fellaini. I think he will get me good points in certain matches, but I would not have picked him this weekend. I repeat I would not have picked him.

Richarlison, 10 points

Another goal and an assist from the Brazilian. This made up for Ben Foster letting in two, I can tell you. I like this lad, he is a fine FFL player.

Dele Alli, 2 points

A rare quiet day for Alli considering Tottenham scored four and Kane got two. Alli is normally in there somewhere, but on Saturday the only time I really noticed him was when he got booked for diving.

David Silva, 3 points

An equally quiet day for David Silva against Chelsea, but hey. He can’t be awesome every week and just sometimes Fabian Delph will look better than you.

Alvaro Morata, 1 point

Alvaro was pulled in at the last minute to replace Aguero. I will be searching for yet another striker it would appear. Who’s next? I can’t afford Lukaku.

Harry Kane, 26 points

Who cares about August now? Kane got a brace and three bonus points all of which got doubled. At some point, I’ll have to play the triple captain thing, probably in a London derby.

Tammy Abraham, 2 points

I’m still not convinced about my third striker – maybe I accept I need to spend on a high-scoring midfielder instead? I nearly chose that other lad from Watford who scored but talked myself out of it. I like Abraham, but he won’t get ten goals this season. A bad pick, I have let myself down.

All in all, I have slipped down the FMG table again this week despite scoring an above average 66 – my 7 transfers killed me.

Looking ahead to next week it is international football so we can all have a rest from this rubbish.