North Korea. It’s becoming a bit of an issue, isn’t it. From nuclear threats to awful haircuts, it’s got it all. Is it not about time we got along? And what has FA chairman Greg Clarke and Margaret Thatch…. I mean Theresa May done about it?

Here’s an idea, let’s use the ‘world’s game’ to bring together bitter foes and create everlasting peace. Paul Cook, Wigan Athletic’s manager, had the right idea. The gaffer tried to sign the UK’s first North Korean professional football player Ri-Yong-Chol on a free transfer, however, the deal fell short when the FA refused to send the government documents to apply for a work permit.

Why not let the boy come to our sacred home of football and test his skills? After all, North Korea claim to be one of the greatest footballing teams in the world, allegedly (fake news alert) reaching the World Cup Final in 2014, after an impressive group stage mauling with the odd ‘rocket’ shot against Japan (7-0), the USA (4-0) and China (2-0).

The Kyonggongop Sports Club player who has been described as the DPRK Pele, has already faced England in the 2011 U20s World Cup, a game which finished goalless. This may not sound impressive given that it’s England after all, but this was an English team which boasted such players as; 2013 FA Cup Final man of the match Callum McManaman, England’s youngest ever first team goalkeeper Jack Butland, as well as West Brom and now Scotland winger Matt Philips.

North Korea are no strangers at producing ‘explosive’ prospects with the country having youngsters fought over by the top scouts in Europe. Hang-Kwang Song gained a spot in the history books after becoming the first North Korean player to score in the Serie A for Cagliari at the age of 18. He was signed after an incredible under 17s World Cup where North Korea reached the last 16.

So, what’s the worst that could happen? International diplomatic relations improve with North Korea, Wigan get one extra fan in the name of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un to improve their fan base by 50% and the Football League gets the best Asian bench warmer in the world. It’s a win-win situation.

Overall the FA and Her Majesties Government must understand the strategical advantage of having a North Korean playing football for Wigan. Kim Jong-Un wouldn’t dare blow up one of his most prized possessions, making the DW Stadium the safest place in Britain.