Toon’s back four work their magic again

What a great time to be a Geordie, nine games into the season and we’re in the top seven, on our way to Europe! OK, maybe a tad optimistic but it’s been a great start and who’s to say we can’t be battling for it come the end of May. Wor Rafa is doing a great job of parking the bus, good job he isn’t Jose Mourinho or he’d be getting slated for being anti-football.

A great week for Toon fans was rounded up with the news that Mike Ashley (AKA fat cockney b*stard) is selling up, although not for an 80% discount like he does with his Sports Direct business. Can’t wait until the January transfer window opens and we buy Cristiano Ronaldo for £500m with our new multi-billionaire owners’ funds, we can all dream, can’t we?

Liverpool’s defenceless defence

Another week goes by, another press conference from Jurgen Klopp struggling to find the answers as to why his defenders fail to understand the art of defending, or even how to head the ball. This week he claimed that he could have defended better had he worn a pair of boots and subbed himself on! At least he is finally starting to understand that his defenders are a useless bunch and he needs to get some new ones, fast. Hopefully, for Liverpool fans, he still doesn’t think that Virgil Van Dijk is the only centre back on the planet and actually tries to bid for somebody else.

It’s not all bad for Liverpool fans though

Some small consolation for the Liverpool fans out there is the state that Everton have gotten themselves into. Ronald Koeman had dreams of using Everton as a stepping stone to get to Barcelona but ended up slipping and falling onto his backside.

All the pre-season hype and big spending turned into fans calling for his head as soon as they realised he didn’t want to play any of the players he bought in their right position, resulting in them plummeting into the relegation zone. They got their wish, and hopefully for them will now find someone who can take them back to their glory days, just don’t make it David Moyes again!

Any other business

Man City won again, will the train ever come off the rails at the Etihad? City seem destined to win the title this year as long as Sergio Aguero doesn’t get another injury, although thanks to the seemingly endless pit of money at their disposal they now have good quality back-ups in every position. Here’s to hoping someone catches them off guard to keep things interesting this season.

The league has been incredibly unpredictable albeit frustrating for punters so far this season. Great results for Huddersfield and Bournemouth this week to ruin many accas around the country, damn you Andrew Surman!