The Real Football Man: Getting Wembley Right

The Real Football Man

On Wednesday night Tottenham showed just how easy this Champions League lark is with an emphatic win over Real Madrid at Wembley. People (most likely non Spurs fans) will go on record and say that this is not a classic version of Los Blancos and there is an element of truth to that.

But at the same time, this is still the side that has won the last two editions of the competition and to say that Zinedine Zidane’s men are below par, takes the focus off of a Tottenham side that are continuing to grow in stature at their temporary digs.

After that result on Wednesday it is fair to say that Tottenham have turned a house into a home and the momentum is really starting to shift for Mauricio Pochettino’s men at England’s national stadium, they are finally starting to get things right with the kind of devastating effects we witnessed in midweek.

And it is the stadium and getting it right that I want to talk about in particular this week. Because if Tottenham as a club are getting it right on the pitch then their fans and any other fan in attendance for that matter who goes to Wembley is getting it so wrong.

People coming in late is understandable to a certain degree, 20 minutes though not so much. If it was up to me then if you were not in your seat up to five minutes after kick off then you should not be able to take your seat due to the sheer inconvenience it then creates for everyone else.

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at Wembley on Wednesday night but I have come to the conclusion that the modern day football fan annoys me. For the simple reason that the modern day football fan would rather do anything other than watch the game itself.

Not only do fans arrive late but then they proceed to get their phone out and take the obligatory two dozen photos which will invariably be out of focus and not resembling the game that they have most probably paid a hefty sum of money to watch.

I mean why bother watching the game through your eyes when you can watch it through a nine mega pixel camera and by the way do not get me started on the people who will record the game through their phone and add their own personal commentary. Yes I witnessed this and yes I shook my head in disgust.

You also know for a fact that the same football fan who has already arrived 20 minutes late will then get up off his seat on 38 minutes because he wants to get to the front of the food stall queue where a sad cold pie and flat bottle of Coca-Cola awaits.

That same football fan will then somehow still arrive back in the seat once the second half has started so by the time you’ve settled in you have to go through the rigmarole of “excuse me mate, thanks, sorry mate, can I get by, cheers mate, sorry, cheers thanks” while he gets to his seat at the end of the row.

This same fan will need to get up on 62 minutes to go to the toilet and once again we all have to get up and go through the aforementioned process as he heads off to relieve himself while another 4 minutes later we then get up and do it all over again as he returns.

But here is the coup de grace, on 81 minutes this same football fan will decide that he wants to beat the traffic and has seen enough for the evening as he gets up on last time and makes an early bid to get down Wembley Way before the crowd control measures are implemented by the Police.

Forget the fact that Tottenham are on their way to beating Real Madrid, forget the fact that you may want to stay until the end to take it all in and capture the memories of what was incredible night, no that fan would rather get a seat on the Bakerloo line tube back to Oxford Circus.

I hate the modern day football fan, I really do.

Until next week.