So Long Slaven

It finally happened then, Slaven Bilic was finally given the heave-ho by the Dildo Brothers. It’s been coming, hasn’t it? Slav has flattered to deceive for long enough now that his faux passion and hard-man exterior has worn off. When that doesn’t work for you anymore, then you’re in deep shit. The final nail in the coffin came during the weekends 4-1 home defeat to Liverpool. The worst thing about that game for West Ham was that Liverpool practically waltzed to victory but weren’t even particularly good. West Ham were so shit that they were beaten 4-1 by a team that didn’t even have to get out of third gear. Demoralising isn’t even the word. I’d have loved to have seen how Gold and Sullivan dealt with this though. I sincerely hope that they met him somewhere cold, wearing their matching mink hats and Russian military coats, flanked by massive security guards. What a pair of fucking wet ones.

Give It To Rhino

It only took him two weeks but David Unsworth now has the win that will probably get him the Everton job full time if Bill Kenwright gets his way. Apparently, if you believe what you read on Sky Sports (which is, frankly, quite a reliable source), Farhad Moshiri has held talks with Sam Allardyce regarding the job. Bill Kenwright still has a massive say though and we all know how much he loves a story. You just know that he’s sat at home, dreaming of Rhino having a similar effect at Goodison as Pep Guardiola had at Barcelona when he was promoted from their B team job. The likelihood is that Unsworth will probably have a similar effect that Sammy Lee had at Bolton when Big Sam bailed to Newcastle thinking he was making a step up. The reality of it is that one man probably has a bigger say than the pair of them though, isn’t that right….Alisher Usmanov. Panorama have been looking into the script between Moshiri and Usmanov and whether Usmanov, a major shareholder in Arsenal, did aid Moshiri’s takeover of Everton. A big clue as to whether he did is plastered over the boards in the interview booths for every game at Goodison and the sponsor of Finch Farm. That’s right people, USM is Alisher Usmanov’s company. I smell something fishy here and it isn’t the boot of Tony Hibbert’s can.

Training Ground Troubles

Who’s been a naughty boy then? Well, about three players to be honest. David Luiz was dropped by Antonio Conte for Chelsea’s game with Manchester United at the weekend apparently for a bad attitude, whilst Kevin Mirallas and Morgan Schneiderlin were banished from training with Everton on Saturday for the same reason. What is it with these absolute dickheads? I mean, they’re paid astronomical amounts of money to play the game they love as a job that we’d all kill for. I get they’re human and boredom can set in for anyone at work, but at least take it seriously on occasion. It’s not like Schneiderlin and Mirallas in particular have anything to laugh about this season. The pair of them have been piss poor and their club is in the relegation zone. Unsworth might just be onto something by sending the pair of clowns away for the day, you know, set a precedent by making an example of someone. As for David Luiz, he’s been having banter for way too long judging by the way he’s played the past few years.