Marinho Muses

Today I go against everything I believe and write about positivity and optimism. At least, I will begin by writing about positivity and optimism – exactly how positive and/or optimistic the final paragraph of this week’s muse will be is a mystery. But for now I begin by applauding the efforts of Premier League sides in the Champions League. Previously this season, I wrote that I was feeling excited at the prospect of English clubs succeeding in this season’s competition, where ‘succeeding’ was a loose term used to describe not ending up in the Europa League or losing 4-0 away to AC Milan. It is worth noting that, with AC Milan qualifying for the knockout stages of Europe’s second-rate club competition, Arsenal are still well on track to very much not succeed.

Apologies, that was a low blow – especially with Arsenal winning 6-0 tonight. I should really have continued with the positivity and optimism – hereby referred to as P&O: just like the ferries, except I can think of many other descriptors that are far more fitting (and not quite so kind). It’s also tough to keep up the P&O with two university deadlines looming early next week, which although I keep telling myself I have a whole weekend in which to switch on the productivity, relies on me achieving the impossible – ignoring the weekend’s football. I do feel however, that given football’s inevitable impact on my results, I should give something back to the beautiful game. In particular, I have my eyes set on a short piece of technical writing about something utterly pointless – anyone interested in 500 words on the correlation between goals scored from corners and how close the ball is placed to the edge of the quadrant? Nor me, actually. Nor me.

Back to the P&O, and for the first time in a very long time, I feel proud of the Premier League. I remember the days when I would read Match magazine, specifically the ‘Prem vs La Liga vs Serie A’ features, and completely agree that the Premier League was the best league in the world. In recent years it’s been nothing short of painful watching teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and City line up against Bayern, Barca and PSG, and set up trying to get a single point from the game. Even when Chelsea won in 2012, I just didn’t have the pride in the Premier League that I had when I would read Match.

But now I feel that things are different. Tottenham took 4 points from the Galacticos, Manchester City are playing some of the best football Europe has ever seen, and when Liverpool play like they did on Wednesday night there are few teams that can keep them out. If United, Chelsea, City, Tottenham and Liverpool can keep up their European form I believe my pride will be fully restored. Oh and would you look at that, I finish on a positive note. I wouldn’t get used to it, I’m sure I’ll be suitably annoyed by something this time next week, and I’m almost certain that something will be Birmingham City.