The Magnificent 7

Bizarre post-match interviews, mass brawls in a tunnel, loud music and a bad-day for Belgians.

Who makes this week’s Magnificent 7?

#1 Jurgen Klopp

I think it’s safe to say Jurgen didn’t think it was a penalty. The thing with Klopp, that no other manager can manage, is that when he is being a complete arse in an interview he still comes across really well and it is difficult not to still like him. His post-match interview with Sky was the most entertaining thing of the entire Merseyside Derby, especially given he was fighting a lone battle.

#2 Jose Mourinho

Considering Jose had, allegedly, just incited a mini-riot within Old Trafford about five minutes previously he handled his post-Manchester Derby press duties in classic Jose style. Calmly, barbed comments aplenty and deflecting all blame for the defeat away from him and his anti-football tactics. The world and his dog could see that Ander Herrera had cheated in the box (though a penalty should have been given for such a horrendous touch by Otamendi). It’s almost as if Jose was grateful that incident happened as he knew which page he had to flick to in his “it’s not my fault” handbook.

#3 Belgian strikers

I am somewhat wary of mocking Christian Benteke and Romelu Lukaku too much considering (a) they are ten times the size of me and (b) England have to play them in the World Cup but it was not a good weekend for either. Benteke demanded to take an injury-time penalty that would have won Palace the match and missed whilst a day later Romelu was swinging the golf club that is his right foot at a clearance and assisting City’s winner before missing two clear-cut chances in 10 seconds from 5 yards out. And they say Lukaku doesn’t contribute enough? I think he gives us plenty.

#4 Alan Pardew

Fair play to Pards, he has installed a real sense of attacking flair into his new charges down at West Bromwich Albion. What’s that? They lost 1-0 at Swansea? Blimey.

#5 Ayoze Perez

Managers like Rafa like to see their crafty little flair player types tracking back and working hard. The Geordie fans adore players like Perez who is better than most but does seem to (at the weekend at the very least) run for 90 minutes as well as provide some lovely little touches. The problem for Perez is that his amazing effort to track back and get a tackle in as the game with Leicester reached a conclusion ended up with him toe-poking the ball past his own keeper. Chin up Ayoze, you were just doing your job.

#6 David Moyes

Yes, it pains me to have him on the list but he has just led a team to beat the Champions. West Ham beat Chelsea 1-0 at the weekend and how? Because Moyes had the balls to do what nobody else other than Pep has done and publicly drop Joe Hart. The result? A clean sheet and an organised defensive performance from the Hammers. Granted, Moyes will probably screw that up by signing Joleon Lescott in January but hey.

#7 Sam Allardyce

The sight of him with his Bluetooth in his ear, Little Sam snapping at his heels instructing Jordan Pickford to put it out for a Liverpool goal-kick warms the cockles on a snowy Merseyside day, doesn’t it?