Let’s all laugh at Spurs

Spurs are giving us all a right laugh at the minute, aren’t they? They’ve been less than impressive since they beat Liverpool 4-1 at Wembley in October and have seen their hopes of (finally) winning a title dwindle into nothing once more. OK, so it might be a little churlish to pick on them after a defeat away to Manchester City of all people but it is still fun to pick on them. They had all these grand plans of this finally being the season where they stepped off the cliff edge and into the promised land. Instead they’ve plunged 40 feet onto the rocks below and are screaming for help with two broken legs. The endless optimism and screams of “this is our year” are hilarious. It’s nice to finally be able to take the piss out of someone else for that you know.

Swansea on borrowed time

Swansea have been playing with fire for long enough now. Paul Clement was brought in last season and narrowly saved them from the drop somehow and now it looks like their demise is inevitable. They have a Championship squad and failed Championship manager. They can’t even beat Everton for Christ’s sake! Clement has had long enough and he isn’t going to turn them around. To be fair though to Clement, it looks like that squad couldn’t be turned around by Alex Ferguson with Bill Shankly as his assistant. The squad needs an overhaul but it needs to start in the manager’s office. I’m being too kind here though – they are absolute dogshit, which is a shame. There was a time when Swansea were one of the best teams in the league to watch. Now they are becoming a sideshow…They are defo going to beat Liverpool on Boxing Day though.

Is Marco Silva that special?

Marco Silva as doing bits for Watford at the beginning of the season. In fact he was doing that well a massive club like Everton came calling for him. Luckily for him, he realised how much of a backwards step that was and decided to stay at Watford instead. Since then though things haven’t exactly gone to plan. There have been good wins over Arsenal and West Ham but things are just starting to go pear shaped for Marco. His side now sit 10th in the league and were humiliated by Huddersfield at home on Saturday. They are another team who are fast becoming a laughing stock. It sort of begs the question, did we all jump on the Marco Silva bandwagon too quickly? They started well but that now looks like good form. Maybe he should’ve taken the Everton job after all. Hopefully agent Silva will be available at the end of next season.