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Arsenal vs Liverpool

All common logic goes out of the window when either of these two clubs are playing, so put them together in the same match and your guess is as good as mine. Liverpool’s Fab Four against that Arsenal defence? It should be carnage, shouldn’t it? But what about that Liverpool defence if Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette turn it on? Although it feels like Liverpool are clearly the better side, they do find new ways to let themselves down in a very Arsenal kind of way. One thing I am pretty certain of – it won’t be 0-0. Which of course means – it will be 0-0.

Arsenal 0 – 0 Liverpool

Everton vs Chelsea

A Sam Allardyce XI vs the current Champions? I smell a back 9 and a big lad up front on his own. Happy Christmas Everton fans! The thing is though, it might actually lead to Everton getting something from this game. Chelsea are in danger of being called inconsistent at the moment and had to dig deep to beat Bournemouth in the Carabao Cup during the week, possibly the only thing they will win this season. Can you imagine how smug Sam would be for the next few weeks if Everton did get a win in this one?

Everton 1 – 1 Chelsea

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Watford

If Watford lose this then I am telling you they are in trouble. I’ve hinted at it for a few weeks now but there is a world where Marco Silva gets sacked by the Hornets this season and unless they can find a way to turn this ship around before it really starts to sink then the whole thing becomes just like every other Watford season you can think of – great start, all done by November, have the rest of the season off. Brighton can win this, and they need to as well.

Brighton & Hove Albion 2 – 0 Watford

Manchester City vs AFC Bournemouth

I’d say the chances of City winning this one are fairly high. Eddie Howe will, without fail, send Bournemouth out to play their way because that is what he does. City’s starting XI will be fresh as they had the midweek off watching their B team win on penalties against Leicester. This could be very painful for Bournemouth, very painful indeed. The best they can hope for is that City score three early and decide to ease off to save their legs for tougher times ahead.

Manchester City 4 – 0 AFC Bournemouth

Southampton vs Huddersfield Town

Ah, a game that I care not about. Insert Southampton don’t score at home cliché here. Insert Huddersfield will run around a lot cliché here.

Southampton 0 – 0 Huddersfield Town

Stoke City vs West Bromwich Albion

So Mark Hughes will get the boot if he loses to West Bromwich Albion. Seems fair. Anyone losing to Alan Pardew should be put on gardening leave immediately. I would imagine a fair few Potters fans will be urging the Baggies to shoot every time they get near the goal. WBA have now scored under Pardew don’t forget, so maybe that leash will be fully removed tomorrow afternoon.

Stoke City 3 – 0 West Bromwich Albion

Swansea City vs Crystal Palace

Swansea who cannot win for toffee. Palace who have not lost in seven. Swansea who have finally sacked Paul Clement. Palace who have Wilfried Zaha. Swansea who are hoping that Leon Britton might hold the fort whilst they butter up Frank de Boer and Ronald Koeman. Palace who have Wilf Zaha. Last season this fixture had nine goals. If there are going to be nine this time round, I can only see that being 9-0 to Palace and that isn’t happening.

Swansea City 0 – 2 Crystal Palace

West Ham United vs Newcastle United

West Ham have been linked to a £20m move for Swansea City’s Alfie Mawson this morning. My word, how Rafa would love to be linked to a £20m signing of anyone at the moment. The Hammers, whisper it quietly, are starting to look half decent under Moyseh. Newcastle, on the other hand, are dropping like stone down the Premier League and are in the relegation zone themselves. It won’t be pretty to watch, but West Ham will win this one.

West Ham United 1 – 0 Newcastle United

Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur

A proper clash for the Europa League places this. Burnley escaped Wembley with a point earlier in the season and any kind of positive result against Tottenham at Turf Moor means Burnley have to be taken seriously. Have Spurs started regressing to their Spursy mean? Quite possibly, they certainly don’t feel like they are pushing on from the last couple of seasons.

Burnley 1 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur

Leicester City vs Manchester United

Who thinks Jose might set up United to play a bit deep and not give Vardy and Mahrez any space to run into? Yeah, me too. United were humiliated by Bristol City during the week and back in Fergie’s days you’d have expected Leicester to be for it. A sneaky 1-0 to United doesn’t really count as “for ir” though.

Leicester City 0 – 1 Manchester United