‘Tis the Season to Be Giving… More Money to Mourinho

In today’s climate money is tight, everyone is scrimping and saving to make each penny count. However, spare a thought for those less fortunate this Christmas, like Jose Mourinho, a 54-year-old Portuguese born football manager. He had to go into the Christmas break having only spent £300m on football players.

Jose let his frustration known after a devastating 2-2 draw against Burnley, where Lingard answered the SOS calls to save United from their first defeat on boxing day since 1978. He claimed the money the board have allocated is not enough to challenge the league. An angry Mourinho compared his spending’s to that of his local rivals, saying: “It is not enough – Manchester City are buying full-backs for the price of strikers”.

Ironically the ‘Special One’ is not so special at maths and has spent £100m more than current league leaders, Manchester City, since joining in May 2016. That includes the resigning of the ‘Dab King’ Paul Pogba for £89m which, at the time, was a record breaking transfer fee. They also bought Chelsea rejects Romelu ‘I only score against the bottom three teams’, Lukaku [75m] and Nemanja ‘poor man’s Fellaini’ Matic [40m].

After United’s draw against an impressive Burnley, there is no way Jose is going to be lifting the Premier league title come May. City have just gone 15 points clear at the top after beating Al’s Toy Barn owner and Newcastle United manager Rafa Benítez 1-0 (a little Toy Story reference for the 90’s kids). With their title dreams dashed, United will most likely go and try sign former players for a ridiculous price which they previously released. Don’t be surprised to see a £20 Million bid for Nick Powell who is tearing up League One or the return of the legend that is Federico Macheda, who’s most famous for pretty much winning United the league back in 2009, with possibly the greatest goal ever scored at Old Trafford. Either way, both players have more chance of scoring a goal against the top four than Lukaku.

They say there’s a fine line between genius and madness. One which Mourinho has tightly treaded for some time. But now he’s just absolutely raving mad. I guess that’s the Manchester United effect. Just look at how being the United gaffa affected poor old Louie Van Gaal.

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